Simple Plan’s Next Album Will Be “Phenomenal”

After releasing Taking One For The Team back in February 2016, Simple Plan is finally working on album #6. They started writing late in 2018, and have already finished several demos ahead of their official recording and production time. Today, Simple Plan frontman Pierre Bouvier took to Instagram to gush about their “phenomenal” new album.

In a series of Instagram stories, Pierre said:

I’m on my way right now to Chuck’s house to go work on some more songs. But I just wanted to give you an update: Everything is going so well. The new record is going to be phenomenal! Phe-no-me-nal!

I just finished up a couple of demos over the last few days, and seriously, I am psyched! There’s like 4, 5 songs that I think might be the best songs we’ve ever written. Fans are gonna love it. People that don’t know us are gonna love it. Toddlers, grandparents, people of all races from all over the world are gonna love this record, I’m telling you. It’s really good. So, we need a few more songs. Going there today – Chuck’s house – and we’re gonna rock out some more!

Pierre then asked fans to share their opinions on what types of songs they’d like to hear on Simple Plan’s next record. Do fans prefer their more up-tempo punk songs? Or perhaps the mid-tempo tunes? Or do fans want to hear slower, more emotional songs? Pierre mentioned several examples of previous Simple Plan songs that fit into those characterizations.

What do you want to hear in Simple Plan’s next album? If you’d like to share your opinions, be sure to send Pierre Bouvier a message on Instagram!

See Pierre’s Instagram stories in the video below:

Early in December, Pierre Bouvier and Chuck Comeau were writing songs with Travis Clark of We The Kings. (Travis co-wrote Avril Lavigne’s recent comeback single, “Head Above Water,” from her upcoming album of the same name.)

Update 1/12/19: As of mid-January, the trio are still writing songs together for the next Simple Plan album:

At this point, Simple Plan is still in the early stages of making their next album. They’re still writing and demoing songs – many with the help of Travis Clark from We The Kings – and won’t begin officially recording and producing the album until later. The band members have previously stated that they want to record this album faster. With any luck, we’ll have a full new Simple Plan album out by the end of this year! By all accounts, it should be phenomenal!

Keep checking back here for all the latest Simple Plan news. We’ll keep you up-to-date on the progress of their next album – including known song titles, collaborators, and release dates.

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