The Weeknd & Gesaffelstein Drop New Single, “Lost In The Fire”

The Weeknd and French DJ Gesaffelstein just dropped a brand new single, “Lost In The Fire.” It’s the second single from Gesaffelstein’s forthcoming album, Hyperion, due later this year. In November, the Gesaffelstein released “Reset” as its lead single.

This isn’t the first time The Weeknd and Gesaffelstein have worked together. Early in 2018, Gesaffelstein appeared on two songs on The Weeknd’ EP, My Dear Melancholy. “I Was Never There” and “Hurt You” were their first two tracks together, and it’s no surprise the pair teamed up for a third song.

Sonically, “Lost In The Fire” has a brilliant, moody sound. The beat and whistling effect give it energy with an ethereal vibe, and the vocal melody plays over that beautifully.

The song’s lyrics, however, have sparked some controversy . From the very first line, the lyrics are overtly sexual, which is to be expected of The Weeknd. They describe The Weeknd’s desire for his renewed relationship to last. But the lyrics take a problematic turn on the second verse. “You said you might be into girls, said you’re going through a phase” comes off as dismissive of LGBTQ+ identities. However, as The Weeknd describes these words as coming from his girlfriend’s mouth, it’s not clear if they indicate his own thoughts on the matter. The most offensive line, though, comes at the end of verse when The Weeknd suggest sexual acts with him as a way to “correct” non-straight thoughts or actions. You can’t turn a person straight, and it’s horrible to suggest such ideas. Indeed, the lyrics on the second verse are disappointingly homophobic.

Whereas the lyrics for “Lost In The Fire” stumble, the music video offers an artsy, understated visual. The Weeknd and Gesaffelstein appear in a stark black room with a reflective floor. While the masked Gesaffelstein sits calmly in his throne, The Weeknd strides around the dark room, singing the song with passion. These shots are interspersed with images of statues covered in ink, flowers blooming in jars, and bodies veiled under cloth. The imagery bring the song’s better themes to life.

See the music video for “Lost In The Fire” below:

“Lost In The Fire” is set to appear on Gesaffelstein’s upcoming second album, Hyperion, due out later this year. It follows his lead single, “Reset.”

You can stream and download “Lost In The Fire” at all the major music providers now.

For The Weeknd, “Lost In The Fire” follows singles including “I Feel It Coming,” “Lust For Life” with Lana Del Rey, and “Call Out My Name.”

The Weeknd is currently working a new album, expected out sometime in 2019. It will serve as the followup to his 2018 EP My Dear Melancholy, and his 2016 album Starboy. While we expect sexually charged lyrics in his upcoming music, we hope there won’t be any more problematic lyrics suggesting bigotry of any kind. We still have faith that his new album will be worth it.

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