Florence + The Machine Surprises With “Moderation” & “Haunted House”

Just last summer, Florence + The Machine released their inspired fourth album, High As Hope. Today, the band delighted fans with two brand new songs: “Moderation” and “Haunted House.” They premiered the former track on Zane Lowe’s Beats 1. As frontwoman Florence Welch explained, the songs were recorded during their High As Hope sessions, but were left off due to their thematic differences. Although they didn’t fit with High As Hope, the band still wanted to share the songs somehow.

Florence + The Machine debuted “Moderation” live in Australia earlier this month. The new studio recording matches that energy. “Moderation” starts with a stomping beat with a soulful, ’60s vibe. Its piano groove gives it a jangling sound, perfect for the assertive lyrics: “Want me to love you in moderation. Do I look moderate to you”? “Moderation” is an entrancing, powerful song that recalls the band’s earlier albums.

The single’s b-side is “Haunted House,” a minimalist, delicate song. It starts as a simple piano-and-vocal track, but subtle details lurk in the background, slowly growing more intense. The layers build up, a choir of vocals forming a ghostly chant, then just as quickly drop away, down to the minimalist beginning. “Haunted House” is under two minutes, but worth every second.

Listen to “Moderation” and “Haunted House” below:

You can stream or download “Moderation” and “Haunted House” at all the main music providers here.

The band’s last full album, High As Hope, came out last June. It started with “Sky Full Of Song” and “Hunger,” also giving videos to “Big God” and “South London Forever.” You can stream the album on Spotify or download it from iTunes now.

Florence + The Machine is currently touring Australia and New Zealand, with a European tour scheduled for March. The only US date is on June 1st in New York City; stay tuned for info on a full North American tour. Find all dates and tickets on their official site now before it’s too late!

Enjoy “Moderation” and “Haunted House,” and keep checking back here for all the latest Florence + The Machine music news.

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