Avril Lavigne Teases 3 New Songs: “Souvenir,” “Crush,” & “Goddess”

Avril Lavigne’s long-awaited new album, Head Above Water, will be out in just over a week! Following stunning singles “Head Above Water” and “Tell Me It’s Over,” Avril started teasing new song clips yesterday. After last night’s snippets of “Bigger Wow,” “Love Me Insane,” and “Warrior,” Avril shared three new song previews today. Hear clips of “Souvenir,” “Crush,” and “Goddess” below.

First up today is “Souvenir.” Avril reveals that the song “is about a summer romance that’s sadly coming to an end and being a hopeless romantic. Summer romances typically don’t last, but sometimes they do, you never know!! The good times and memories are just too good to let go. Is there a way to put distance aside and make the relationship work for the long haul, or maybe even forever? There’s always hope to hold on to. I also wrote this song with @TheLaurenChristy which was such a blast. She’s a genius!”

Avril sings, “And we’ve packed our suitcases, we’ve shut up all the windows. Hold tight to you and I, we’ll flow anywhere the wind blows. So make light me to me, hold tight to me, stay awake the whole night with me.” The music is laid-back and summery, acoustic guitar over a mid-tempo beat. Hear a clip of “Souvenir” below:


Avril wrote “Crush” with Zayne Carney, and it’s one of the first titles fans learned two year ago. As Avril explains, “Crush is about being so head over heels in love with someone, but because you have been put in difficult relationships in the past, you are scared of the repercussions of falling too hard. They know you better than anyone else in the world and it drive you crazy because you wont be able to stand losing them.”

Over a dreamy, mid-tempo soundscape, Avril sings, “And honey, don’t hide that look in your eyes. Don’t let it drive me crazy.” Listen below:


Finally, we get to hear a bit of “Goddess.” The song features just guitar to accompany Avril’s vocals. She sings, “He treats me like a goddess, goddess. He thinks I’m sexy in my pajamas. The more I am a hot mess, the more he goes bananas. He treats me like I’m a goddess.”

As Avril described, “There can be times in life when for whatever reason you are feeling lost, sad and lonely. It seems like there’s no light at the end of the tunnel, and then you meet that special someone who adores you for you and makes you feel like the most beautiful person in the world. That someone special who you can let your guard down around and be completely vulnerable with and feel more empowered and important than you’ve ever felt before.” Listen to a snippet of “Goddess” below:


“Souvenir,” “Crush,” and “Goddess” will all appear on Avril Lavigne’s upcoming 6th album, Head Above Water. Featuring 12 new songs, the album will be out  in just one week on February 15th. Pre-order it now to get instant downloads of the first two singles, “Head Above Water” and “Tell Me It’s Over.” Find streaming, digital, and physical options here. Avril’s official site also includes several merch bundles.

What do you think of the three new song clips? Which one is your favorite? Which one was the most unexpected? Let us know your thoughts below!

Now that we’ve gotten six song previews in the last two days, we’re certain Avril will share previews of the other songs in the coming days as well. Get ready to finally hear snippets of the remaining four songs. See the full Head Above Water tracklist below:

  1. Head Above Water
  2. Birdie
  3. I Fell In Love With The Devil
  4. Tell Me It’s Over
  5. Dumb Blonde
  6. It Was In Me
  7. Souvenir
  8. Crush
  9. Goddess
  10. Bigger Wow
  11. Love Me Insane
  12. Warrior
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While we await the rest of the song previews – and, of course, the full album! – you can enjoy Avril’s first two singles. Check out “Head Above Water” and “Tell Me It’s Over” as we get through this last week. You can also catch up on all that went into making the comeback album. Keep checking back here for all the latest Avril Lavigne music news. Get ready to hear all of Head Above Water on February 15th.

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One thought on “Avril Lavigne Teases 3 New Songs: “Souvenir,” “Crush,” & “Goddess”

  • February 6, 2019 at 2:12 am

    Hi Amanda–
    I read your previous article on Avril, and why her music sucks and I agree. about 20 years ago, I was in a time of life where her songs pretty much represented what was happening to me and how I felt. And listening to her one song–Here’s to Growing Up– 22 secs into the song, sounds like a slow version of COMPLICATED,with some various changes to it, yet, sounding too similar and that is why it sucked. I am a bit older than she is and I do play guitar, listened to tons of musicians, been to many concerts, so I can clearly say, she hasn’t advanced much. I liked her ‘Let Go album’ because it has more feeling then in her songs verses now, , and the songs were quite different from each other and different from other artist. The melody was good with the supporting music. Now, Avril at 34, she sounds like she has regressed to earlier teens, and is stuck. Her voice, seems to lack too, or maybe it is just the music she is creating and how she is applying a melody to it, but it sounds to conflicting, and clashes with the supported chords. And her music has taken in all the other people’s similar music which all sounds the same to me, blah, blah blah.. Let’s take a look at a female group, HEART, came out around 1975, Ann Wilson was 25. and the songs Heart produced, Barracuda, and others, before they were Avril’s Age now, just blows away what she is writing at the same age. Honestly, most of the music now, that is coming out from artist today, sounds like girly playground music with lyric chants that sounds like a cheer leader would be singer in Jr. High to High School. I listened to all the songs on these pages, and I wouldn’t put a quarter in the jukebox to play them. Honestly, even Zoe Girl’s stuff from around 2002 sounds better than the stuff she is creating now. Don’t get me wrong about her guitar playing, it is her choice of words and melody for her lyrics that is just too childish, like many of these younger artist now. Look at Mandy Moore, her stuff got better as she got older a few years later after her first albums, sadly to say, she chose not to make any more albums. However, I will take her music, from 18 years ago, over what Avril is playing today.


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