Avril Lavigne Shares “Birdie” and “I Fell In Love With The Devil” Previews

All week, Avril Lavigne has been sharing previews of songs on her upcoming album, Head Above Water. Following snippets of songs like “Bigger Wow,” “Goddess,” and “Dumb Blonde,” Avril Lavigne is back with the final batch of song previews. Today, fans finally get to hear “Birdie” and “I Fell In Love with The Devil.”

With only a week left until the album drops, Avril shared this heartfelt message with her fans:

I have been waiting for a long time to finally share my new album Head Above Water with all of you. My heart is so full and complete right now knowing you will hear it all next week. It was very important for me to tell the raw and honest stories of what I’ve been going through since sharing my life with you last. It was very healing for me when I was writing and recording these songs which was very freeing to me and I hope you embrace them. Love you guys and thanks again for your continuous support!!!!

Now how about those song snippets?

“Head Above Water”

First up is the song that started it all. Last September, “Head Above Water” was released as the first single from Avril’s upcoming album. It was a stunning comeback that was heart-wrenching and powerful.



“Birdie” has surprising energy, crashing drums and belted vocals driving it forward. Avril sings, “You can’t pull me down, so birdie fly away. Higher, higher.”

Avril described the inspiration behind “Birdie”: “This was written from a place of not allowing something to hold you back from your full potential. It’s about breaking free and loving yourself enough to allow yourself to fly. Finding the confidence and strength to escape and grow.”

Hear the preview of “Birdie” below:


“I Fell In Love With The Devil”

Our final song preview is of “I Fell IN Love With The Devil,” a song Avril wrote alone. Of all the songs clips, this one sounds the most cinematic and magical. Avril sings, “I fell in love with the devil, now I’m in trouble. I fell in love with the devil, I’m underneath his spell.”

Talking about “I Fell In Love With The Devil,” Avril shared, “Sometimes your heart conflicts with your head and leads you into situations that you know aren’t right and then once you’re there, it’s very difficult to get out. I also produced this song with @CBaseford.”

Hear a clip of the song below:



Head Above Water 

“Head Above Water,” “Birdie,” and “I Fell In Love With The Devil” will all appear on Avril Lavigne’s upcoming 6th album, Head Above Water. Featuring 12 new songs, the album will be out  in just one week on February 15th. Pre-order it now to get instant downloads of the first two singles, the title track and “Tell Me It’s Over.” Find streaming, digital, and physical options here. Avril’s official site also includes several merch bundles.

What do you think of the three new song clips? Which one is your favorite? Which one was the most unexpected? Let us know your thoughts below!

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While we await the full album – out in just one week! – you can enjoy Avril’s first two singles. Check out “Head Above Water” and “Tell Me It’s Over” as we get through these last few days. You can also catch up on all that went into making the comeback album. Keep checking back here for all the latest Avril Lavigne music news. Get ready to hear all of Head Above Water on February 15th!

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