Tons Of Hilary Duff ‘This Heart’ Songs Just Leaked!

Last month, two Hilary Duff songs from early Breathe In. Breathe Out. sessions leaked. Both “If I Fall” and “Wild Night Out” were songs she recorded by early 2014 for her comeback album, then tentatively titled This Heart. Today, 8 more songs from those recording sessions just leaked! Fans can finally hear Hilary’s recordings of “Wherever We Go,” “Hurts,” “This Heart,” “It All Starts Tonight,” “Feel Alive (Summer Heat),” “Carry On,” and a song called “Neighborhood.” Also hear a demo of “Better Days,” sung by songwriter Phoebe Ryan.

“Where We Go”

One of the earliest songs Hilary recorded was “Wherever We Go,” which she co-wrote with Ali Tamposi, Jason Evigan, and Mitch Allen. Hilary worked with Ali Tamposi in 2012, so it’s likely that this is one of first songs Hilary worked on when decided to return to music. It’s a light love song, and an exciting indication of how Hilary’s 2012 songs would have sounded. Listen to “Where We Go” below:


Hilary posted about recording “Hurts” on her Instagram on January 6, 2014, making it one of the earliest songs recorded for her album (then known as This Heart). “Hurts” is an emotional song about the one you love feeling like a ghost. It features some of Hilary’s best vocals in the pre-chorus, while the chorus is dancey and enchanting. Listen to “Hurts” here:

“This Heart”

We first learned this title when it appeared on ASCAP in May 2014. Hilary co-wrote it with Toby Gad and Lindy Robbins (the same trio who wrote “Wild Night Out,” which leaked last month). Hilary revealed that “This Heart” is about her son, Luca. It’s a sweet song the describes ever-lasting, unconditional love. Hear “This Heart” below:

“It All Starts Tonight”

In June 2014, “It All Starts Tonight” appeared on ASCAP. Hilary wrote it with Toby Gad and Wayne Hector (the same trio who wrote “If I Fall,” which leaked in January). “It All Starts Tonight” is more energetic and folksy than the previous few leaks. Hilary sings of empowerment and confidence in this upbeat track. It sounds like “Belong,” a bonus tracks on Breathe In. Breathe Out. Listen to “It All Starts Tonight” here:

“Feel Alive (Summer Heat)”

Fans first heard a clip of “Feel Alive (Summer Heat)” when Hilary shared it on her Instagram in June 2014. The following month it was registered on ASCAP, revealing that Hilary wrote it with Toby Gad and Lauren Christy. Hilary sings of all the places she doesn’t want to go; instead, she’s happy right where she is. Listen to the fun song below:

“Carry On”

The newest title here is “Carry On,” which wasn’t registered on HFA Songfile until January 2015. Hilary co-wrote the song with David Hodges and Sir Nolan. “Carry On” is a breakup song, describing a relationship slowly crumbling apart. But Hilary’s strong, and she’ll carry on. Listen to it below:


We never knew about “Neighborhood” until today, so this is a special treat! It has the same folksy, organic sound that defined many of the earlier leaks, indicating that it’s probably from late 2013 or early 2014. “Neighborhood” describes missing an ex over a strummed guitar. Hear Hilary’s recording below:

“Better Days”

The oldest known song here is actually “Better Days,” which Hilary recorded in September 2013. She posted about it on her Instagram, revealing its title in the caption. According to ASCAP, Hilary wrote the song with Mitchell Collins and Christian Medici. The new leak here actually features songwriter Pheobe Ryan singing, not Hilary. Either way, it sounds like an incredible song, and it’d be great to hear Hilary’s version. Check out the demo here:

Bonus: In case you missed it in 2016 (we did), you can hear another demo of a leftover Hilary Duff song. “Before The Light Changes” is a title fans have known since August 2014, but we never got to hear it. However, you can listen to writer Melody Riffs’s version here:

Rumor has it more Hilary Duff leftovers are circulating. With any luck, we’ll get to hear some more of her unreleased songs.

Even better, we still hope Hilary will officially release more music – whether they’re leftover tracks or all-new recordings. She is, after all, dating songwriter/producer Matthew Koma. The couple just had their first child together, daughter Banks, born last fall. Hilary also has a son, Luca, from her previous marriage to Mike Comrie.

Last we heard, Hilary isn’t planning to record music anytime soon. She’s currently busy with her two children and her TV series, Younger. But if she changes her mind and enters a recording studio, we’ll be among the first to report it!

Enjoy the numerous new leaks! And don’t forget to revisit “Wild Night Out” and “If I Fall,” both of which leaked last month. As always, keep checking back here for all the latest Hilary Duff music news.

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