Ellie Goulding Shares “In This Together” For Netflix Show, ‘Our Planet’

Last week, Ellie Goulding released her brand new ballad, “Flux,” but she was already thinking ahead to her next project: “In This Together,” a song she wrote with Steven Price for the new Netflix nature documentary series, Our Planet. David Attenborough narrates the show. If you follow Ellie on social media at all, you likely know that she’s a passionate advocate for taking care of Earth and limiting the effects of climate change. Her soundtrack song for Our Planet is a natural fit. The show takes viewers around the globe as it unveils the splendor of our amazing animals and world.

Ellie’s new song, “In This Together,” is a sweeping, moving ballad set to a full orchestra. Ellie laments, “I can’t watch this burn to the ground, you’d have thought we’d learned by now.” She then rallies optimism and unity on the chorus, singing, “It’s not too late if we change our ways, and connect the dots to our problems; I can hear the whole world sing, ‘we’re in this together.'” Ellie croons gently, matching the soft, cinematic music.

“In This Together” also comes with a music video. Throughout the video, we see only glimpses of Ellie and the instrumentalists recording “In This Together” in Abbey Road Studios. The bulk of the video instead shows animals and nature shots taken from Our Planet. We see African animals like lions, elephants, cheetahs, and zebras. We then move to polar bears and penguins, then marine life like whales and manta rays. Lemurs, caterpillars, tigers, and colorful birds take us to other continents and landscapes.

Combined with the song, the “In This Together” music video is an emotional and beautiful look out the world we love. It will surely move you to care about saving Earth from the extinction and climate change that threatens us all.

Watch the music video for “In This Together” below:

“In This Together” is part of the full Our Planet soundtrack album. You can stream or download it and the rest of the songs at all the major music providers here.

Ellie took to Twitter to share some of the background behind “In This Together”:

Ellie has been super busy lately, and “In This Together” isn’t her only new song! Two weeks ago, fans heard Ellie’s new song “Do You Remember,” which appears in the film Fighting With My Family.

Beyond soundtracks, Ellie is also getting ready to release her upcoming fourth album. After sharing “Close To Me” featuring Swae Lee and Diplo last fall, a week ago, Ellie dropped her new ballad, “Flux.” Later this month, Ellie is also expected to share her next album single, “Sixteen.”

Ellie’s long-awaited new album will serve as the follow-up to her 2015 record, Delirium. While we don’t have a title, tracklist, or release date for the forthcoming record, we expect to find out more in the coming weeks. In an interview last October, Ellie did reveal how the new music will sound. She said that most of the songs she’s written are quite sad, written about things that have built up over the years. Luckily they’re “not reflective” of how Ellie currently feels. In contrast to previous records, Ellie’s new songs talk about “quite specific things that have happened in my life, and something specific that happened to a friend of mine.”

Enjoy Ellie’s new song, “In This Together,” and be sure to watch the new documentary series Our Planet on Netflix. Ellie’s album should be out in the next few months, so stay tuned for more details! Keep checking back here for all the latest Ellie Goulding music news.

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