Editors Offer Updated Version Of “Hallelujah (So Low)” From New EP

One month ago, Editors released their enchanting new song, “Barricades,” part of their upcoming EP, The Blanck Mass Sessions. The 8-song set includes 7 alternative versions of songs from Editors’ 2018 album Violence, plus “Barricades,” which was previously unheard. Although the limited vinyl record of the EP already came out for this year’s Record Store Day, we still have two weeks to go before the songs get a wider release. To make the wait feel a little shorter, fans can now hear producer Blanck Mass’s version of Editors’ 2018 single, “Hallelujah (So Low).”

On Violence, “Hallelujah (So Low)” highlights powerful guitar. As frontman Tom Smith told Billboard last year:

Musically the track hung on the relationship between the acoustic guitar and the drum machine that was part of the track from my demo. It had something special very early on. Then when Justin [Lockey] came up with his outrageous guitar riff we knew we had a winner. It’s the most “rock” we’ve ever been and it’s exhilarating.

In this version, “Hallelujah (So Low)” glides in with the atmospheric haze that we’d recognize as its outro. Much of the verse sounds comfortingly familiar, but while we get the operatic vocals of the pre-chorus, this alternate recording doesn’t include the low spoken word vocal underneath. The chorus is perhaps the most changed, bringing the shrieking synths and clapping percussion to the front while the guitar riff takes a supporting role. It’s not as bombastic here, instead offering another mood. It’s not until the final chorus that the guitar takes on a more central role.

Listen to the Blanck Mass Sessions version of “Hallelujah (So Low)” below:

In addition to the newly released “Barricades,” this recording of “Hallelujah (So Low)” is one of 7 alternative versions of Violence songs  appearing on the upcoming EP, The Blanck Mass Sessions. All of these songs were recorded during the Violence album sessions. While the album balanced out the Oxford recording sessions with the more electronic versions mixed by Blanck Mass, the new EP presents the songs as Blanck Mass arranged them. These versions will be more electronic than what fans heard on Violence.

The EP will be available in two weeks, on May 3rd. You can pre-order The Blanck Mass Sessions now.

More Editors & Tom Smith News

Just one year ago, Editors released their 6th album, Violence. (It was one of our favorites of 2018.) After extensive touring and four singles – “Magazine,” “Hallelujah (So Low),” “Darkness At The Door,” and “Cold” – the band members worked on separate projects for a couple months. Frontman Tom Smith rejoined his other group, Smith & Burrows, to perform a brand new song. “All The Best Moves” is set to appear on their long-awaited second album together. Tom also appeared on a song with UNKLE called “The Other Side” last December, and then on “Crucifixion / A Prophet” earlier in March.

Earlier this year, Editors shocked and delighted fans when they returned to the studio to work on new tunes. Several weeks ago, the band went to Los Angeles to record music with producer Jacknife. Editors notably worked with Jacknife back in 2007, when he produced their sophomore album, An End Has A Start. The band worked on something – a song? – called “Black Gold.”

Is Editors’ 7th album already on the way? At this point, it’s too early to say when we’ll get to hear the new music. While an album could be ready by the end of this year, 2020 may be a safer bet. It’s also unclear if Jacknife will serve as the producer for their next album. He did an excellent job on An End Has A Start, so we’d be happy if he does!

Hopefully “Barricades,” the new “Hallelujah (So Low),” and the alternate Violence songs will hold you over until we know more about whatever new music Editors are working on. Enjoy the new song, and get ready for more once The Blanck Mass Sessions drops next month!

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