See Kelly Clarkson’s Adorable Music Video For “Broken & Beautiful”

One month ago, Kelly Clarkson released her new song, “Broken & Beautiful,” the lead single for the UglyDolls soundtrack. It’s one of several songs Kelly sings on the new soundtrack album, due out tomorrow. Today, “Broken & Beautiful” gets an adorable music video featuring Kelly’s daughter, River Rose, and starring animated movie character, Moxy.

The uplifting pop song starts with an extended intro before showing Moxy traversing the city and sneaking into the backstage area of a concert arena. She’s quickly pursued by an attentive security man. Meanwhile, Kelly and her daughter River Rose are getting ready in their dressing room, looking adorable as River powders blush onto her mother’s cheeks. As Moxy continues her adventure, Kelly makes her way to the main stage. By the end of it, Moxy and the other UglyDolls have joined Kelly in the celebratory performance.

Watch the sweet music video for “Broken & Beautiful” below:

Kelly’s daughter, River Rose, is a star in the “Broken & Beautiful” music video, but it’s not her first appearance! She made her onscreen debut in the music video for “Piece By Piece” in 2015. She and her little brother Remington – plus older siblings Savannah and Seth – also appeared in Kelly’s “Meaning Of Life” video, released last year for Mother’s Day.

You can stream or download “Broken & Beautiful” at all the major music providers here. It’s the lead single from the upcoming UglyDolls film’s soundtrack album, due tomorrow.

Kelly sings three of the soundtrack songs alone, while also singing with Janelle Monáe on two tracks. Other songs on the album feature Bebe Rexha, Nick Jonas, Pentatonix, Blake Shelton, Why Don’t we, and Anitta. Check out the full tracklisting below:

  1. Broken & Beautiful – by Kelly Clarkson
  2. Couldn’t Be Better (Pop Version) – by Kelly Clarkson
  3. Today’s the Day – by Kelly Clarkson
  4. Couldn’t Be Better (Movie Version) – by Kelly Clarkson & UglyDolls Cast
  5. Today’s the (Perfect) Day – by UglyDolls Cast
  6. The Ugly Truth – by Nick Jonas
  7. You Make My Dreams – by Pentatonix
  8. The Uglier Truth – by Nick Jonas
  9. All Dolled Up – by Janelle Monáe feat. Kelly Clarkson
  10. Unbreakable – by Janelle Monáe & Kelly Clarkson
  11. The Big Finale – by UglyDolls Cast
  12. Girl in the Mirror – by Bebe Rexha
  13. Ugly (English Version) – by Anitta
  14. Don’t Change – by Why Don’t We
  15. Wallflowers & Weeds – by Blake Shelton
  16. Ugly (Spanish Version) – by Anitta

Kelly doesn’t just sing on the movie’s soundtrack! She also lends her voice to the leading character, Moxy. Kelly previously did voice acting for the 2017 animated Christmas film, The Star, in which she played a horse named Leah. Continuing her voice acting, Kelly will also appear in the 2020 film, Trolls World Tour, a sequel to 2016’s Trolls. As with UglyDolls, Kelly will have an original song featured in the Trolls World Tour soundtrack.

Kelly’s songs and covers have appeared on numerous soundtracks over the years. Her most recent contribution was a cover of “Never Enough” for The Greatest Showman – Reimagined. She also notably covered “It’s Quiet Uptown” for Hamilton Mixtape in 2016.

Kelly Clarkson’s latest album, Meaning Of Life, came out in fall 2017. It launched her singles “Love So Soft,” “I Don’t Think About You,” and “Heat,” as well as promo singles “Move You” and “Meaning Of Life.” Kelly recently finished her Meaning Of Life Tour, which further cemented her role as a leading live innovator.

More Kelly Clarkson News

In addition to her own music, Kelly is also coaching for the third season in a row on The Voice. She won the first two rounds, so we’ll see if she can continue her winning streak. Combining her music and television sensibilities, Kelly will host the Billboard Music Awards for the second year in a row this May. Her opening medley last year was epic, so we have high hopes for what Kelly will pull off this year! This fall, she’ll also launch her own TV talk show, The Kelly Clarkson Show.

Kelly’s busy schedule doesn’t end there. Two months ago, Forbes reported that Kelly had started “doing some recording on the side” for her next album. Last weekend, Kelly spent Easter Sunday in the studio working on her new album again! We don’t know much about how Kelly’s next album will sound or when we’ll get to hear it. All we have so far are some uncovered song titles, including “Step Up” and “Something New,” though it’s unclear if those will appear on her next record.

Luckily for those of you anxious to hear new Kelly music ASAP, Kelly will have several songs featured in the upcoming UglyDolls movie soundtrack, out in just a matter of hours. And of course, you can enjoy “Broken & Beautiful” and its sweet music video now.

Enjoy the new music video, and get ready to hear more Kelly songs once the UglyDolls soundtrack album tomorrow! You pre-order the UglyDolls soundtrack album now; the film will be in theaters on May 3rd. Keep checking back here for all the latest Kelly Clarkson news.

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