Patrick Stump Joins Macklemore On Martin Garrix Single, “Summer Days”

In the summer song we never knew we needed, producer Martin Garrix teamed up with rapper Macklemore and Fall Out Boy frontman Patrick Stump for their new single, “Summer Days.” It’s a feel-good, addictive song, and sure to be a hit as the months get warmer.

Over a funky bass line and dancey groove, Patrick Stump sings the intro, confessing his belief that “she could be the one.” He then glides through the verse, pre-chorus, and chorus, all about how he loves a woman who doesn’t know her own beauty. Macklemore then takes over for the next two verses, echoing Patrick’s earlier sentiments and adding imagery of being together on an island. Patrick closes out the song with some more of his catchy falsetto parts before it reaches its too-soon end.

The lyric video for “Summer Days” compiles faded photos and illustrations, creating a collage straight out of the last century. Kicking it old-school highlights the musical throwback and laid-back vibe here.

Watch the lyric video for “Summer Days” below:

You can stream or download “Summer Days” at all the major music providers here.

In speaking to Billboard about the new single, Martin Garrix said:

“Summer Days” is one of those tracks that makes you want to get in the car with your friends and blast it with the windows down. I’m honored to be working with Patrick and Macklemore on this track, since I think they are both great artists. They are both very different in terms of style which gave the track new dimensions. I’m super happy with the end result.

Macklemore also commented on the song:

I’ve always loved collaborating with artists from different genres. Martin and I have talked about doing something for a while now, and just needed the right record. When he sent me this, I knew it was the one. Patrick was added to the hook and just made it that much better.  I’m hella pumped about the way it turned out and excited for the world to hear it.

Finally, Patrick Stump shared his thoughts on being part of “Summer Days”:

I’m just happy to get to be a part of a fun song like this where someone lets me sing falsetto. Martin’s a hell of a producer and really knows his stuff. I was also pretty amped to hear Macklemore was involved as well. All in all, a fun project to work on.

More Fall Out Boy News

Fall Out Boy’s last album, M A N I A, came out in January 2018 following several singles. Last summer, the band released a 3-song EP, Lake Effect Kid. Three months ago, Fall Out Boy also appeared on the single “I’ve Been Waiting” with iLoveMakonnen and the late Lil Peep. Apart from his band, Patrick Stump has co-written and remixed numerous songs over the years, though it’s been a while since he sang vocals on another artist’s track. He previously released one solo album, Soul Punk, in 2011.

Macklemore’s last album, Gemini, came out in 2017, launching three singles. His most recent single, “I Don’t Belong In This Club,” precedes his upcoming third solo album.

Martin Garrix has released several EPs and been the lead artist on dozens of additional songs. Earlier this year, he shared the singles “No Sleep” featuring Bonn and “Mistaken” with Matisse & Sadko and featuring Alex Aris.

Enjoy the three artists’ new song, “Summer Days”! Stay tuned for news about a music video for the single, too. Until then, keep checking back here for all the latest music news.

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