BANKS Unveils Sultry New Single “Gimme” From Upcoming Third Album

Last Thursday, BANKS excited fans when she announced her lead single would be out on Monday. The day is finally here, and her new song, “Gimme,” is out now! “Gimme” is our first taste of BANKS’ upcoming third album, due later this year.

“Gimme” opens with intricate chanting before swiftly moving into a sparse soundscape. Low pinging provides a backdrop as BANKS murmurs the verse, a declaration of her desire for someone. The pre-chorus is more melodic and more direct. BANKS asks for confirmation that she is this person’s type, because they’re her type. “Gimme” then breaks into a chorus of skittering synths and percussion, with only a few direct lines repeated over the top. BANKS doesn’t shy away from being demanding or provocative here. Although it might not be as instant as “Gemini Feed” or “Beggin For Thread,” after a few listens, “Gimme” earns its position as a lead single.

Listen to “Gimme” below:

You can stream or download “Gimme” from all your favorite music providers here.

In addition to sharing “Gimme,” BANKS also spoke to Anna Lunoe at Beats 1 about her new music. In describing how “Gimme” compares to the rest of the songs on her upcoming album, BANKS revealed:

There’s definitely some really different stuff as well. There’s a really soft, sweet playfulness to some of the songs, and there’s this youthfulness to it. My niece Georgia’s three, and she talks on one of the songs. There’s some really pure moments that feel light. And then there’s obviously some heavy s–t (laughs). You’ll probably cry a little bit, then you’ll want to have sex, then you’ll want to beat someone up, then you’ll want to slap someone in the face in a cool, fun way. Kiss and make up. All the emotions.

BANKS’ upcoming third album comes three years after her sophomore record, The Altar, dropped in fall 2016. That album launched the singles “Trainwreck,” “Gemini Feed,” and “F–k With Myself.” In 2017, BANKS shared two additional songs: “Crowded Places” and her fierce standalone single “Underdog.”

More BANKS News

Upon the release of “Underdog,” BANKS revealed that she already had 15 songs ready to go. She’s continued writing ever since, so there’s no telling how many songs she prepared in the last couple of years.

Enjoy “Gimme,” and stay tuned for a music video and more details about BANKS’ forthcoming album. Keep checking back here for all the latest BANKS music news.

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