Sara Bareilles Surprises Fans With Mother’s Day Song, “Shiny”

Just one month ago, Sara Bareilles released her long-awaited album, Amidst The Chaos. It features 12 songs – including the singles “Armor” and “Fire” – but was missing a mysterious 13th track. Today, fans get to hear that elusive song thanks to a Mother’s Day surprise: “Shiny”! Sara just shared the tender new single, saying:

Surprise! In honor of Mother’s Day this weekend, I’m sharing my new song SHINY. It’s about wanting those incredible people (aka moms) to see how special they really are.

“Shiny” opens with delicate guitar, Sara describing her mom – doing the dishes and laundry – and the love she has for her. They chat about normal things on the phone each Sunday, but sometimes Sara catches a glimpse of her mom’s secret heart. In the chorus, Sara croons, “There’s a glimmer in her brown eyes, the ones she gave to me, so I know we can both be shiny.” It’s a sweet, gentle song that’s perfect for celebrating our moms.

Listen to the new Mother’s Day song, “Shiny,” below:

You can stream or download “Shiny” at all the major music providers here. The song is now included as the 13th and final song on Sara’s recent album, Amidst The Chaos, released last month. In addition to “Shiny,” the album features the singles “Armor,” “Fire,” “No Such Thing,” and “Saint Honesty,” as well as the previewed tracks “If I Can’t Have You,” “Wicked Love,” “Poetry By Dead Men,” and “Orpheus.”

And that’s not where the Amidst The Chaos excitement ends. Last month, Sara also announced an American tour in support of the new album. Find dates and tickets now before it’s too late! The tour kicks off in October and will run through November 2019.

More Sara Bareilles News

In addition to her own music, Sara Bareilles is also preparing a new TV show called Little Voice – not only a nod to her album of the same name, but also the title track she wrote 15 years ago. “Little Voice” will serve as the upcoming show’s theme. Perhaps the song will finally see an official release? We hope so! The show will debut this fall.

Enjoy the new Mother’s Day song, “Shiny,” and the full Amidst The Chaos album. As always, keep checking back here for all the latest Sara Bareilles music news.

Before you go, be sure to view Sara’s sweet, “Shiny” love letter to her own mom:

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