Fall Out Boy Remixes “Church” To Feature nothing,nowhere

Early last year, Fall Out Boy put out their eclectic 7th album, M A N I A. To celebrate its release, the band shared the music video for “Church,” a highlight on the album. Today, more than a year since we first basked in the song’s glory, Fall Out Boy shared a remix of “Church,” now featuring rapper nothing,nowhere.

The “Church” remix starts with solemn guitar, in place of the organ heard on the original. Singer Patrick Stump croons the chorus before reaching the explosive “I’d get on my knees” line… except instead of launching into the haunting and energetic chorus – complete with intense church choir – the chorus here is more of a fade. The song is softer now, more atmospheric and dreamy than before. nothing,nowhere sings a new verse where the bridge once was. He sings, “I don’t love myself, I’m tired of living in this hell” before rapping about how he “never knew I could feel that low.”

Listen to the remix of “Church” – featuring nothing, nowhere – below:

Stream the new remix of “Church” above. If you want to hear the original recording, be sure to check out Fall Out Boy’s last album. You can buy M A N I A on iTunes or stream it on Spotify now.

You’ll also want to revisit the music video for “Church,” released last year. Additionally, you can find out how the band made the M A N I A album version of “Church” in the in-depth making-of video below:

Fall Out Boy’s last album, M A N I A, came out in January 2018 following several singles. In addition to “Church,” it launched the singles “Young And Menace,” “Champion,” “The Last Of The Real Ones,” “HOLD ME TIGHT OR DON’T,” “Wilson (Expensive Mistakes),” and later, “Bishops Knife Trick.”

Last summer, the band released a 3-song EP, Lake Effect Kid. Earlier this year, Fall Out Boy also appeared on the single “I’ve Been Waiting” with iLoveMakonnen and the late Lil Peep. Patrick Stump also recently appeared in a new song called “Summer Days” with Martin Garrix and Macklemore.

Fall Out Boy’s Future

What’s next for Fall Out Boy? In a new Rolling Stone interview with Joe Trohman, the guitarist talks about his other band, The Damned Things, in addition to Fall Out Boy. He says that Fall Out Boy are on a bit of a break for now while they focus on other things.

I’d say there is a future. I honestly have no idea what it is. I don’t want that to sound ominous. We did M A N I A, and three records back to back, and we’re literally seriously taking time to be with families and make anything that anyone else wants to make without the looming schedule of Fall Out Boy overhead, which is great. It’s something that we all needed. We all needed a break. We went back to back for years, again. And again, we learned that lesson first time around not to do that again, not to go nine years or whatever and then, like, beat ourselves into a hateful submission. This time it was what, five or six years? And we were like, “Cool, let’s give ourselves a healthy break from this.” But I mean, will there be Fall Out Boy again? Yeah, I do not see why not. Yes.

Enjoy the new remix of “Church” with nothing,nowhere. It might be a while before we get to hear more Fall Out Boy, but in the meantime, we can enjoy what they do on their own and with other bands. Keep checking back here for all the latest music news.


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