Editors Debut New Song “Frankenstein” & Announce Greatest Hits Album

Editors just released their new album, The Blanck Mass Sessions, an alternate production of their 2018 album, Violence. With new material – including their excellent latest song, “Barricades” – Editors is performing at a handful of music festivals this season. At the Bearded Theory Festival in Derbyshire on May 24th, Editors debuted a brand new song called “Frankenstein”! And that’s not all: The band will also release a greatest hits album later this year! “Frankenstein” may be a new song to appear on the compilation.

In a new interview, Editors frontman Tom Smith revealed:

This year we’re pushing towards doing a greatest hits, so that’s going to be at the end of the year, so it’s been quite nice to go through all of our singles and think about them. […]

What’s exciting for us is, when we’re doing this, we’ve been doing new songs to go with it. So with everything, there’s always something new to fuel the fire. If there was any reticence about the nostalgia, having new material is exciting for us.

We can’t wait to learn more about Editor’s upcoming greatest hits album! With six albums under their belt, there’s plenty of material to include. Be sure to revisit their past releases to get ready – their back catalogue is as diverse as it is addicting. But don’t stop there: We can also hear one of those new tracks Editors has been working on. They just debuted a new song, “Frankenstein,” at two festival shows this weekend. Thankfully, we have audio of their second performance, recorded at the This Is Tomorrow festival in Newcastle today.

“Frankenstein” has a dark, pulsing sound, akin to Editors’ third album, In This Light And On This Evening. But where that record was sinister, the new song grows into something that’s brutal yet cool and, dare we say, fun. Tom compares himself to Frankenstein – “the creator,” Dr. Frankenstein, not the unnamed monster known by his creator’s name. Toms asks, “Would you dance like a monster with me?” On the chorus, Tom shows off some of his best vocals, reminiscent of some of the biggest 1980s singles. It’s an incredible song, and hopefully one that will lead Editors’ forthcoming greatest hits album.

Listen to Editors’ live performance of “Frankenstein” at This Is Tomorrow on May 25, 2019 below:


Although the audio from This Is Tomorrow is the first we’ve heard of “Frankenstein,” Editors debuted the song one day earlier at the Bearded Theory Festival in Derbyshire on May 24th:


Just one year ago, Editors released their 6th album, Violence. (It was one of our favorites of 2018.) After extensive touring and four singles – “Magazine,” “Hallelujah (So Low),” “Darkness At The Door,” and “Cold” – the band members worked on separate projects for a couple months. Frontman Tom Smith rejoined his other group, Smith & Burrows, to perform a brand new song. “All The Best Moves” is set to appear on their long-awaited second album together. Tom also appeared on a song with UNKLE called “The Other Side” last December, and then on “Crucifixion / A Prophet” earlier in March.

This year, Editors shared the unreleased Violence song “Barricades” ahead of their special album, The Blanck Mass Sessions, released earlier this month.

More Editors & Tom Smith News

In February, Editors shocked and delighted fans when they returned to the studio to work on new tunes. A few months ago, the band went to Los Angeles to record music with producer Jacknife. Editors notably worked with Jacknife back in 2007, when he produced their sophomore album, An End Has A Start. The band worked on something – a song? – called “Black Gold.”

We now suspect that those recording sessions will result in the new songs to appear on Editors’ upcoming compilation album. Though he didn’t give a release date, we suspect we’ll get the new record this fall. Stay tuned for more information on that and and official release of “Frankenstein.” As always, keep checking back here for all the latest Editors music news.

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