Vanessa Carlton’s New Album ‘Love Is An Art’ Is Mastered & Ready For Release

After years of writing, weeks of recording, and going through the mixing stage, Vanessa Carlton’s upcoming album is now mastered and ready for release! Vanessa confirmed that the album is titled Love Is An Art – a name we learned two years ago when she started performing the song live. Vanessa wrote many of the songs with pop singer Tristen, while John Baldwin of RCA Records mastered the album.

Today, Vanessa announced completion of the album and thanked the illustrious team that helped her in developing the new album. Check out Vanessa’s full album announcement below:

New Vanessa Carlton album is some major team playing. Holy cow am I in heaven working with these artists. Album is called Love Is An Art. And it was mastered TODAY (thanks @johnbaldwinmastering). The day before I leave for NYC to do @beautifulonbway. Thank you to Dave Fridmann (producer, engineer, warlock), Mike Fridmann assistant engineer, Mary Fridmann manager/organizer of Tarbox, my partner @johnjmccauley (who watched our child and also played interesting and beautiful instruments on this), manager (but next level manager) @rishonblumberg, musicians @skyeayeaye (my partner on stage for 12 years!) @patrickthallahan @scorpionfader (all pictured). And @tristentristen, my favorite philosopher, who co-wrote these songs with me in my backyard. We put it all on the table with this one. Ready to go to the moon? Coming soon…. ps. Loving that I talk about myself in third person


In addition to her exciting mastered album announcement, Vanessa also shared some snippets of two songs. Head over to her Instagram Stories now to hear clips of “Love Is An Art” and “Patience” before it’s too late! Vanessa first played “Love Is An Art” in March 2017, later saying that it may be the title of her next album. It looks like she was right! Fans may also remember “Patience”; Vanessa uploaded a 1-minute recording of the song to SoundCloud in 2012. It’s exciting that we finally get to hear a proper recording of the song!

After many months of writing, Vanessa entered the studio on January 23rd with the aforementioned group of musicians, engineers, and producers. They finished the initial tracking on February 4th, and by April 10th, they were in the mixing phase. Today, the album is mastered and officially completed. Of course, cover art, marketing plans, and singles may still need to be decided and developed. But the music is ready!

More Vanessa Carlton News

In an interview with The Cut last summer, Vanessa spoke a bit more about her forthcoming 6th album, revealing that it was “partially inspired by Michael Pollan’s new book How to Change Your Mind. The concept came about a few years ago, based on a collaboration with indie music producer Dave Fridmann.”

The six covers she did in 2018 may be an indication of how her new music will sound. She told The Cut:

Doing covers is a way, as a musician, to see A) where your head’s at, because how are you going to interpret this? It’s like a mirror. And then B) it’s also a place where you can experiment and try different sounds.

Vanessa Carlton’s last album, Liberman, came out in fall 2015. It launched stunning singles like “Blue Pool,”“Operator,” “House Of Seven Swords,” and “Nothing Where Something Used To Be.” Since then, Vanessa also released a few special albums and EPs. We got Liberman Live in 2016, followed by the Earlier Things Live EP in 2017. Then last year, Vanessa released six covers; you can now get them all in one package on vinyl.

Next month, Vanessa Carlton will move into a space in which we haven’t yet seen her: Broadway! Starting June 27th, Vanessa will play Carole King in the Broadway musical, Beautiful – The Carole King Musical. She’ll end her run on September 1st. Be sure to get tickets to see her before it’s too late here. See the announcement video for that below:

Vanessa sure is busy, and with her leading role in Beautiful – The Carole King Musical, Vanessa will certainly be well-poised to release her new album. We will most likely get its lead single late in the summer or in early fall this year.

Love Is An Art is due later this year. Now that it’s mastered and finished, we shouldn’t have to wait too long before we hear the first single. It will be exciting to hear where Vanessa’s music takes us next! Get ready to hear new Vanessa Carlton in just a few more months. There will be plenty of exciting things to come now that she’s finished making the album. As always, keep checking back here for all the latest Vanessa Carlton music news.

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