Natasha Bedingfield Teases “Special Surprise” Coming June 21st

Natasha Bedingfield’s first album in nine years is just around the corner now! After over a year of writing and recording in the studio with Linda Perry – and possibly filming a music video – Natasha is teasing a “special surprise” coming in just two weeks. It looks like we’ll get to hear some of her “life-changing” new music on the first day of summer! We’re thinking a new single and maybe album announcement?

Check out Natasha’s announcement below:

Is it summer yet?! I have a special surprise for you, something very exciting coming 6/21… hint: MTV

Natasha’s last album, Strip Me, came out an astonishing nine years ago, in December 2010. Since then, Natasha spent the better part of the past six years writing and recording, releasing plenty of songs here and there over the years. Her latest releases were the singles  “Let Go,” “Love Looks Like,” and “Hey Boy” in 2017. That last song Natasha wrote with Linda Perry, with whom she recorded her entire new album throughout 2018. Natasha is now part of Linda’s label and management company, We Are Hear.

In February 2018, Natasha said she was “really determined to get some of the best music and art that I’ve made out and into your ears”. After working in the studio off and on for several years, Natasha started over in spring 2018, this time working exclusively with Linda Perry. The new music is said to be soulful and have a “disco-retro vibe.”

Last January, Natasha Bedingfield finally finished recording her long-awaited new album. In March, after months of teasing, it looked like Natasha may have shot the cover art or filmed the music video for her comeback single, potentially a song called “Roller Skates.” In fact, “Roller Skates” is just one of 15 songs Natasha wrote with Linda Perry in the last year. All the new titles have recently been registered on ASCAP, and they may all appear on Natasha’s new album!

More Natasha Bedingfield News

At this point, it seems that Natasha’s new album – her first since 2010’s Strip Me – will be out this summer or fall. That “special surprise” coming on June 21st sounds like it’ll be a single and music video. Hopefully Natasha will announce the album, too!

It’s exciting to know that a new Natasha album is coming our way very soon! Even better that it will be life-changing new music. Catch up on all we know about the long-awaited fourth album. Keep checking back here for all the latest Natasha Bedingfield music news. We could be getting her comeback single in just two weeks!

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