Of Monsters And Men Share Wild “Alligator” Music Video

Of Monsters And Men are getting ready to release their first album in four years, Fever Dream. After dropping lead single “Alligator” two months ago, the band has just shared its feral new music video.

“Alligator” starts with a gradual, epic buildup, guitars chiming as drums pound in. A cry of “ha!” really kicks things off, strong and fierce with a bit of distortion to darken the sound. The music and even vocal delivery feel very 1990s, harkening back to the alternative rock sound that dominated that decade’s radio airwaves. Meanwhile, frontwoman Nanna Hilmarsdóttir sings about feeling restless and losing control in a fever dream. It’s a song that inspires passionate singing along.

Its new music video – directed by Shih-Ting Hung – matches the 1990s vibe, feeling like it would have fit right in on MTV 25 years ago. The band is at a hotel, Nanna asleep in bed as her dreams bleed into reality. She wanders the halls, finding her bandmates’ faces covered by creepy masks. Nanna herself is wearing a shimmering, scaly white dress, while her fingers and toes sport reptilian claws. It’s an eldritch visual that brings the “fever dreaming” motif to life.

Watch the new “Alligator” music video below:

You can stream or download “Alligator” from all the main music providers here. It will also appear on Of Monsters And Men’s upcoming album, Fever Dream, due out on July 26th. You can pre-order the album now and get an instant download of “Alligator.”

Fever Dream will feature 11 new songs. Check out the full tracklisting below. Which song are you most excited to hear? Let us know in the comments!

  1. Alligator
  2. Ahay
  3. Róróró
  4. Waiting For The Snow
  5. Vulture, Vulture
  6. Wild Roses
  7. Stuck In Gravity
  8. Sleepwalker
  9. Wars
  10. Under A Dome
  11. Soothsayer

Of Monsters And Men’s last album, Beneath The Skin, came out in 2015. Fever Dream, due out in three weeks, is their third record.

Enjoy the new single “Alligator” and its wild music video, and get ready to hear the rest of Fever Dream on July 26th! Keep checking back here for all the latest Of Monsters And Men news.

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