The All-American Rejects Announce “Send Her To Heaven” EP & Video

After two quiet years, The All-American Rejects are back! The band has spent the last week teasing new music – something they promised us back in January – and today they finally shared the news: They’re about to release a new song, “Send Her To Heaven,” along with a music video and a full EP! Next week, on July 16th, we’ll get to hear their new music.

Check out their exciting announcement below:

We’ve actually heard part of “Send Her To Heaven” already. Two years ago, shortly after releasing their songs “Sweat” and “Close Your Eyes” (both of which soundtracked an accompanying short film), The All-American Rejects also put out a documentary called Rejected. Within the documentary, fans could hear previews of two songs: “Send Her To Heaven” and “Running From My Demons.”

Although the band had planned to release an album that fall, and then later in spring 2018, the plan was ultimately put on hold. In February 2018, The All-American Rejects parted ways with their label, Interscope. Following the split, frontman Tyson Ritter started sharing updates about his own solo music. It seemed that the band was taking a bit of a break, at least from releasing anything new.

The All-American Rejects’ last album, Kids In The Street, came out early in 2012. The music was more experimental, and despite their clear growth, the singles and album didn’t fare as well as previous efforts. The band went quiet for a few years, only releasing a new song, “There’s A Place,” in fall 2015. It appeared in the film Miss You Already, in which Tyson acted.

The band started recording new music in spring and summer 2016. Fans already got to hear one full new song from those summer sessions; they’ve only played “DGAF” live, but as of December 2016, its music video was planned and coming together. A studio version of the song should be on a forthcoming album – or perhaps the EP that’s coming next week!

There’s no word yet on how many songs will appear on The All-American Rejects’ upcoming EP, or if a full-length album is also still in the works. In any case, we’re excited to finally hear “Send Her To Heaven” – from the preview it already sounds like a great track. Get ready to hear the band’s new songs and see the new music video in just one week. For now, keep checking back here for all the latest All-American Rejects music news.

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