Smith & Burrows About To Begin Recording Second Album

Smith & Burrows have been teasing a second album for quite some time now, but it seems that the duo are finally ready to officially record it now! Both Tom Smith (best known as the frontman of Editors) and Andy Burrows are hinting at exciting things to come, starting with recording S&B2 in the United States very soon.

Two days ago, Tom Smith shared a photo of his file of Smith & Burrows stems. (Stems are recordings of individual music tracks, for example, drum stems and vocal stems.) The duo previously said they had a “s–t ton of songs” ready for their second album, and have been writing and demoing at least since fall 2017. Tom’s computer file is labeled “S&B2 STEMS 4 JK.” An astute commenter on Instagram hypothesized that “JK” is producer Garret “Jacknife” Lee – the same man who recently produced a handful of new Editors songs, including their June single, “Frankenstein.” Indeed, this theory has merit.

Check out Tom’s cryptic photo below:


Today, the other half of Smith & Burrows – Andy Burrows – took to his Instagram stories to share some more exciting news: He and Tom will soon fly across the Atlantic Ocean, presumably to the United States, to officially record the new album!

Considering that Jacknife Lee is based in Los Angeles, the clues certainly add up.

See Andy’s exciting announcement – and hilarious choice of picture – below:

Smith & Burrows - Record S&B2

Smith & Burrows started back in 2011, when, that November, the pair released their debut album together, Funny Looking Angels. Comprised of covers and original songs, the Christmas album offered a unique take on the winter holidays. Eight years have since passed, and now the duo are finally preparing a follow-up album!

Given that they’re about to start recording now, it’s unclear if the album will be ready by the end of this year. Will it, like the first record, be centered around Christmas? If so, let’s hope they’re quick at recording and mixing! However, the duo could be planning to focus on another holiday this time around. Perhaps Valentine’s Day? Or maybe the new music won’t be about one particular theme at all. We’ll know soon enough!

So far, we’ve only heard one taste of the forthcoming album. Last November, Smith & Burrows debuted their new song, “All The Best Moves.” Unless we misheard some lyrics, it doesn’t sound all that Christmasy…

More Editors & Tom Smith News

Beyond Smith & Burrows, Tom’s band Editors are maybe cooking up a greatest hits compilation. They shared their single “Frankenstein” a month ago, and have at least two more songs ready to go. In an unexpected twist, Andy Burrows co-wrote one of the new Editors songs, entitled “Black Gold.” 

For his part, Andy Burrows recently put out his album, Reasons To Stay Alive, earlier this year.

We’re excited to finally get that second Smith & Burrows album! Hopefully Tom and Andy will share some more studio progress once they’ve begun recording. As always, keep checking back here for all the latest music news.

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