“Kick It” With Natasha Bedingfield’s Latest ‘Roll With Me’ Single

Later this month, Natasha Bedingfield will release her first album in nine years (!), Roll With Me. Following lead single “Roller Skate,” Natasha has just shared another new taste of the album with “Kick It.” The opening track on the forthcoming album, “Kick It” is one of three new songs Natasha recently debuted live. (She also performed “Hey Papa” and “King Of The World.”)

“Kick It” glides in gently, simple keyboard chords and atmospheric synths over a mid-tempo beat. Natasha’s first words are “Remember how you made me crazy? Remember how I didn’t care?” It sets the tone for a song about keeping the love alive through the years and through the ups and downs. But there are more downs right now, and Natasha has wounds and scars that need healing. As the song shifts into the pre-chorus, Natasha observes, “Something always turns ugly; someone always gets mean.” But what if the couple could prevent that inevitable turn of events? The chorus kicks in on soaring backing vocals, while Natasha invites, “Kick it if you want to make it last.”

“Kick It” sits somewhere between a love song and a breakup song. The couple isn’t breaking up – at least not yet – and despite the issues, Natasha still wants it to work out. This is a song for all the couples fighting to keep their love strong and make it last a lifetime. “Kick It” isn’t as freewheeling as “Roller Skate,” instead showing new depth capturing the listener’s emotions. It’s a wonderful song that promises more treasures on Roll With Me.

Listen to Natasha’s new song “Kick It” below:

You can stream or download “Kick It” from all the major music providers here. Along with lead single “Roller Skate,” it will appear on Natasha’s upcoming album, Roll With Me, due out August 30th. You can pre-order it on iTunes and get instant downloads of both songs – and the acoustic version “Roller Skate” – now. You can also pre-save the album on Spotify and Apple Music here.

Roll With Me

On August 30th, Natasha’s new album Roll With Me will be released. It features 14 original tracks, plus 4 acoustic bonus tracks. Check out the full tracklisting here:

  1. Kick It
  2. Roller Skate
  3. Everybody Come Together (feat. Angel Haze)
  4. Hey Papa
  5. King Of The World
  6. It Could Be Love
  7. Where We Going Now
  8. Can’t Look Away
  9. Can’t Let Go
  10. No Man I See
  11. Sweet Nothing
  12. I Feel You
  13. Wishful Thinking
  14. Real Love
  15. Roller Skate (Acoustic)
  16. Kick It (Acoustic)
  17. Everybody Come Together (Acoustic)
  18. King Of The World (Acoustic)

We previously knew of 15 songs that could appear on Natasha’s new album, Roll With Me. All the new titles were recently registered on ASCAP, and Natasha wrote all of these with Linda Perry. Of that original list, only “Party Bus” and “Ten To Zero” did not make the cut for her album. “Feel You In My Life” seems to have been renamed “I Feel You.”

One new title not on that list is “Can’t Let Go.”

Natasha’s Comeback

Natasha’s last album, Strip Me, came out an astonishing nine years ago, in December 2010. Since then, Natasha spent the better part of the past seven years writing and recording, releasing plenty of songs here and there over the years. Her latest new releases were the singles  “Let Go,” “Love Looks Like,” and “Hey Boy” in 2017. That last song Natasha wrote with Linda Perry, with whom she recorded her entire new album throughout 2018. Natasha is now part of Linda’s label and management company, We Are Hear.

In February 2018, Natasha said she was “really determined to get some of the best music and art that I’ve made out and into your ears”. After working in the studio off and on for several years, Natasha started over in spring 2018, this time working exclusively with Linda Perry. The new music is said to be soulful and have a “disco-retro vibe,” and Natasha recently called it “life-changing.”

Last January, Natasha Bedingfield finally finished recording her long-awaited new album. In March, after months of teasing, it looked like Natasha may have artwork for her comeback single and album. Additionally, Natasha recorded the “Roller Skate” music video while in London and Berlin last month.

More Natasha Bedingfield News

Natasha’s new album – her first since 2010’s Strip Me – will be out on August 30th. With “Roller Skate” and “Kick It” both out now, we have two excellent previews to overplay until Roll With Me comes out in just four weeks.

It’s exciting to have a second taste of Natasha’s new album, and “Kick It” certainly promises more good things to come! Catch up on all we know about the long-awaited fourth album, and enjoy the new song! Keep checking back here for all the latest Natasha Bedingfield music news.

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