BANKS Drops Artful Lyric Video For “Contaminated”

Last month, BANKS released her third album, III. Led by the singles “Gimme,” “Look What You’re Doing To Me,” and “Contaminated,” III is BANKS’ most daring and dynamic album yet. Today, her single “Contaminated” gets a colorful new lyric video.

“Contaminated” is more the most subdued and hazy song on III. It starts with atmospheric piano and murmuring vocals followed by a heavy, silent pause. BANKS sings in a high, vulnerable voice, but low harmonies give her words more weight. Percussion doesn’t come until 75 seconds in, adding strength to the track. It’s a melancholic, overcast song, but the arrangements and production add extra emotion and power. At nearly 5 minutes, “Contaminated” has room to grow and sink in its teeth, making it a song that will earn extra attention.

Its new lyric video is a beautiful visual that could almost work as a proper music video. The simple setting only features one prop: an archway of purple stones topped by blooming flowers. (These flowers recall the “Look What You’re Doing To Me” lyric vide.) A woman appears in the center of this backdrop, doing an interpretative dance with intense choreography. She contorts her body into difficult poses, covered in the same colorful dust atop the stone archway. At times she begins to fade or blur into the background, like a ghost slipping away from this world. This is a stunning lyric video.

Watch the lyric video for “Contaminated” below:

“Contaminated” appears on BANKS’ new album, III, released last month. You can stream or buy the album from all the major music providers here.

Beyond the three singles released so far, III offers several gems. Read our full review here, and be sure to check out songs like “Hawaiian Mazes” and “Sawzall” – or actually just the whole album.

More BANKS News

BANKS is about to embark on a tour in support of the album. Her North American tour begins on September 3rd in Montreal and will continue across the US and Canada until its end in Miami Beach on October 19th. She’ll then tour Europe, starting in Manchester on November 1st and finishing in Paris on November 21st. Some shows are already sold out, so be sure to get your tickets before it’s too late!

Enjoy the new lyric video for “Contaminated,” and keep checking back here for all the latest BANKS music news.

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