Avril Lavigne Updates “Head Above Water” With Travis Clark Feature

One year ago, Avril Lavigne made her big comeback with “Head Above Water,” an emotional ballad detailing the lowest depths of her battle with Lyme Disease. The song ended up becoming the title track for Avril’s latest album, released earlier this year. Today, Avril shared an updated version of the single featuring Travis Clark of We The Kings. Travis co-wrote “Head Above Water” with Avril. Although this duet version of the song was previously available in Japan, now is the first time it’s been available worldwide.

On this new version of “Head Above Water,” Travis sings harmony alongside Avril’s lead vocals. The new layers add texture, giving the song a richer, fuller sound. It’s equally is beautiful and moving as the original version of the song.

In a statement, Avril shared:

Writing “Head Above Water” with Travis Clark from We The Kings was such a beautiful experience. We worked so hard on this track and were able to take my story and put it out in the world. I hope that my words in this song and our voices bring you hope, faith, and light. May you find people who love you, lift you up and always have strength and determination to keep your head above the water. Travis, love you, bro. You have been a blessing in my life and you sing like an angel.  Please enjoy our duet together.

Listen to the new duet version of “Head Above Water” featuring Travis Clark below:

You can stream or download “Head Above Water” featuring Travis Clark at all the major music providers here.

The original version of the song is the title track of Avril’s latest album, Head Above Water. You can stream or purchase the album at all the major music providers here.

Last February, more than five years after releasing her eponymous fifth album, Avril Lavigne made her music comeback with Head Above Water. Many of the songs, including the lead single and title track, detail her battle with Lyme Disease. But it’s not all about her health battle; songs like “Tell Me It’s Over” describe relationship woes, whereas “Dumb Blonde” offers an unexpected feminist anthem. Its latest single, “I Fell In Love With The Devil,” is a stunning track with aspects comparable to Lana Del Rey. The upcoming single “It Was In Me,” on the other hand, harkens back to Avril’s early ballad, “I’m With You.”

All in all, Head Above Water is a stunning album that is reminiscent of Avril’s earliest albums while forging new, at times Motown-esque territory.

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In a few weeks, Avril will embark on her first tour in five years. The Head Above Water Tour will kick off in Seattle on September 14th and run through October 11th when it finishes in Philadelphia. Check out all the dates and find tickets here before it’s too late!

Enjoy the version of “Head Above Water” featuring Travis Clark! As always, keep checking back here for all the latest music news.

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