Smith & Burrows Finish Recording Second Album

One month ago today, Smith & Burrows announced that they were officially recording their second album. They spent most of the last several weeks in Nashville, Tennessee with producer Jacquire King. (Jacquire previously produced Tom Smith’s band Editors’ fourth album, The Weight Of Your Love.) The team also did some recording at Fame Studios in Muscle Shoals, Alabama earlier this week. After a full month of recording, though, Smith & Burrows have officially finished recording their second album.

Check out Tom’s announcement below:

Truck bros. S&B2 is in the can, when the can is getting opened I do not know yet. It’s been a total dream to make. Love ya @andywburrows 🙌🙏❤️ @jacquireking … Home time now, got some Black Gold to get on with! 🤘 x


The duo shared plenty of highlights in the final week of recording:

B putting finishing touches down on this here record 👌 x


S&B Saturday night out in Nashville, with the incredible @jacquireking studio crew …. @kolton_lee & @dmpelly 🇺🇸 👌🏼


Good times with @smithandburrows @kolton_lee @dmpelly @fame_recording_studios @muscleshoalssoundstudio


Coming Soon?

As Tom stated in the caption, “S&B2 is in the can, when the can is getting opened I do not know yet.” At this point, it’s unclear when we’ll get to hear the album. If it, like the first Smith & Burrows album, is a holiday record, we’d expect to hear it late this year. But if the music isn’t themed – or has a different holiday focus entirely – the possibilities open up quite a bit. Hopefully this will all be planned and announced soon!

Last month, Tom teased some new lyrics from one of the songs the duo recorded. We don’t know the title of it yet, but the (partial) lyrics are intriguing:

Can’t stand the was(…)
Goes dither, dither, dither
Little mind
Fee fi fo the fun
Gun I got a hun(…)
At just won’t d(…)

So far, we’ve only heard one taste of the forthcoming album. Last November, Smith & Burrows debuted their new song, “All The Best Moves.”

More Editors & Tom Smith News

More New Music

Beyond Smith & Burrows, Tom’s band Editors just announced their upcoming compilation, Black Gold: Best Of Editors. They shared their single “Frankenstein” three months ago, and released “Black Gold” with the album’s announcement earlier this month. (In an unexpected twist, Andy Burrows co-wrote “Black Gold.”) Black Gold: Best Of Editors will come out on October 25, 2019 and will feature 16 tracks, including a third new song, “Upside Down.”

For his part, Andy Burrows recently put out his album, Reasons To Stay Alive, earlier this year.

We’re excited to finally get that second Smith & Burrows album! Now that it’s done, we’re that much closer to getting to hear the new tunes! As always, keep checking back here for all the latest music news.

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