Garbage Teases New Song Titles For 7th Album

A couple of weeks ago, Garbage returned to the studio to commence work on their upcoming 7th album. Today, we finally have a few sneaky song titles to get excited over. In a new behind-the-scenes photo shared on the band’s Instagram, we can see Butch Vig and Steve Marker hard at work… with a partially filled-in whiteboard behind them. The whiteboard shows a handful of song titles, though some of them are easier to read than others. Two titles are mostly unreadable, but the other four can be made out fairly well:

  • [unreadable] About You
  • This City Will Kill You
  • The Creeps
  • [unreadable] K
  • Waiting For God To Show Up
  • Anonymous Sexx

See the image for yourself:


In the past week, Garbage shared a few other intriguing studio updates:



“Today was a good day. We recorded like it was 1994zzzzz.”

The caption on the last one gets us pretty excited! Debut album vibes?

Making the Album

Garbage first started working on new songs in spring 2017. That summer, we got a taste of their upcoming 7th album when they shared “No Horses” as a single. It was one of five songs they’d already started that year. They continued working on new songs early in 2018 and into that spring, though studio time halted when they toured in celebration of Version 2.0 turning 20.

For Record Store Day: Black Friday last year, Garbage shared another new song; “Destroying Angels” was released more widely this past January. Whereas “No Horses” was apocalyptic, “Destroying Angels” is a murder song. It sounds like the next Garbage album will be pretty dark! Though, as they said in February, it’ll be balanced out with some light, too. And, of course, sugar and spice and everything nice.

Following last year’s celebration of the 20th anniversary of their sophomore album Version 2.0, Garbage spent much of early 2019 working on their upcoming 7th studio album. Last February, they teased the “darkness and light” and “sugar and spice” they were creating in the studio. In April, they were in the studio again. In mid-September, Garbage returned to the studio, announcing it as “Day 1” of recording the new album. Does that mark the official beginning of the recording and production, following months of writing and demoing? Or is it just “Day 1” of that particular session? It’s unclear, but we do know the band is making progress!

New Clues

So far, we still know precious little about the sound of their forthcoming album. In June, NME shared an interview with Shirley Manson about politics, the future of rock music, and, of course, their new album. She revealed that the music is “cinematic” and “pretty personal.”

Now we have a handful of song titles to go by, too, but they don’t reveal too much, do they?

Last we heard, guitarist Steve Marker stated that Garbage is aiming to release the album in 2020. At this point, we’d expect sometime around the middle of next year.

More Garbage News

Catch up on all that’s gone into making the album so far, and get ready for more studio updates as the band continues recording. Enjoy speculating about the new song titles. Keep checking back here for all the latest Garbage music news.

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