Of Monsters And Men Unveil “Wild Roses” Music Video

Three months ago, Of Monsters And Men released their third studio album, Fever Dream. In addition to lead single “Alligator,” we’ve also gotten “Wild Roses” and “Wars” as singles. Today, “Wild Roses” finally gets a music video.

“Wild Roses” is a highlight on Fever Dream. Over piano chords and a pulsing beat, the song opens with frontwoman Nanna Bryndís Hilmarsdóttir crooning about authoring her own pain. She paints a vivid picture of spring in bloom, but for all the pretty imagery, Nanna’s lyrics describe the feeling of being “out of my mind” and directionless. While the verses are pensive and calm, they hint at more lurking under the surface. The sugary vocals in the background give it extra pop. Then the choruses explode into unrestrained emotion, rolling drums propelling it forward. “Wild Roses” pushes into more modern territory, and with its beautiful, lush sound, it’s instantly appealing.

Perhaps surpassingly, the music video doesn’t feature flowers or a springtime scene. Instead, Nanna floats on the surface of a darkly lit swimming pool, tears of blood dripping down her cheeks. With supernatural ability, she sits up on and sometimes stands on the water. Later, small hurricanes spiral up from the pool, a choreographed backdrop as Nanna sings to the camera. It’s subtly magical, conjuring up imagery of mermaids, sea monsters, or the 2017 movie, The Shape Of Water.

Watch the music video for “Wild Roses” below:

“Wild Roses” appears on the new Of Monsters And Men album, Fever Dream, released last July. You can stream or download the album from all the major music providers here.

In one week, Of Monsters And Men will kick off their European tour in Dublin, Ireland, then touring across the UK before moving on to continental Europe. The tour will end in Barcelona, Spain on November 23rd. Find dates and get tickets here while you still can!

Enjoy the new music video for “Wild Roses,” and be sure to go back and listen to the whole Fever Dream album! And as always, keep checking back here for all the latest Of Monsters And Men music news.

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