Simple Plan Expect Album #6 To Drop In Spring 2020

Earlier this month, Simple Plan shared a new song they recorded with State Champs and We The Kings, not coincidentally the same two bands they’re currently touring with. “Where I Belong” is a unifying anthem, and it may give us a hint of how Simple Plan’s upcoming 6th album will sound. The question is, when will we hear it? According to drummer Chuck Comeau, spring 2020 is a safe bet.

As Chuck explained in a new interview:

We tend to look at albums as something that is very meaningful and we’re getting very close to being ready to release new music. We just put out a new song about 10 days or 2 weeks ago maybe called “Where I Belong” with our friends from State Champs and We The Kings. And so that’s our the first new music in 3 years, so it’s kind of a bridge release until the next record to sort of get our fans to be excited and also to keep them waiting and give them something special that they can enjoy until we have new album ready. Next spring is probably when the next record’s gonna come out.

Listen to Chuck’s full interview below:


Late in 2018, Chuck and Simple Plan frontman Pierre Bouvier began writing new songs for the upcoming album. They’ve written with a few other songwriters, too, including Travis Clark of We The Kings. Six months ago, Pierre gushed about the “phenomenal” new music they were working on. The men continued writing through spring. Since then, Simple Plan has been in the studio recording album #6. They entered the studio in July, and will likely continue recording for the rest of this year and into 2020. We’re getting closer to hearing Simple Plan’s “phenomenal” new album, and have already heard a taste with their collaborative new song, “Where I Belong.”

In a newly surfaced interview that was filmed last spring, Pierre also revealed that the band plans to self-produce this time, rather than working with a producer, and that Simple Plan is no longer with Atlantic Records. They’re now indie… just like Green Day and Fall Out Boy seem to be aiming for after their respective upcoming releases.

Pierre also described two songs he’s particularly excited for fans to hear. Alas, he can’t say much about them just yet. Find out more in Pierre’s interview below:

Simple Plan’s last album, Taking One For The Team, came out in February 2016. It gave us the singles “Boom!,” “I Don’t Wanna Be Sad,” “I Don’t Wanna Go To Bed,” “Opinion Overload,” “Singing In The Rain,” and “Perfectly Perfect.”

Get ready to hear the new Simple Plan album next spring! And of course, stay tuned for more studio updates as the band continues recording. As always, keep checking back here for all the latest Simple Plan music news.

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