Patrick Stump Releases “Deep Blue Love” Lyric Video

One month ago, Patrick Stump shared his first solo song in 8 years, “Deep Blue Love,” one of 12 compositions he contributed to the new film, Spell. The soundtrack album – featuring original music all by Patrick – came out earlier this month in conjunction with Spell entering theaters. After sharing the ultra retro music video for “Deep Blue Love” a few weeks ago, Patrick has now put out a lyric video for the song.

“Deep Blue Love” is a soulful, bluesy trip into the past. Over a gently looping tune, Patrick croons of his love for someone who can break his heart in two. Even so, he professes his desire to stay together forever. Patrick shows off his impressive vocal ability, ranging from impassioned belting to delicate falsetto. It’s a sweet, old-fashioned song that reminds us of how talented Patrick is as a songwriter and musician. While this style of music didn’t feature on his 2011 solo album, Soul Punk, we heard a similarly soulful tune on Fall Out Boy’s last album, M A N I A, with “Heaven’s Gate.”

The lyric video highlights footage from the Spell film. More than a simple reel of movie scenes, though, the selections here bring the song’s lyrics to life. It’s a simple but effective video.

Watch the lyric video for “Deep Blue Love” below:

You can stream or download “Deep Blue Love” from all the major music providers here. The song also appears on Patrick’s new Spell soundtrack album, released earlier this month. Be sure to listen to or buy the Spell soundtrack album here.

Patrick composed and recorded the music for Spell. Its accompanying soundtrack album, out now, includes 12 compositions:

  1. Pen Is Mightier And The Parisol Waltz
  2. Scenic Route
  3. Loftur Calls
  4. Instincts
  5. Are You Not?
  6. The Glacier
  7. Runebuggy
  8. Love In The Time Of Tinitis
  9. Cabin Lights and The Love Of My Life
  10. With My Bare Hands
  11. Polonaise Du Medecin
  12. Deep Blue Love

Besides “Deep Blue Love,” the tracks are all instrumental and quite short, ranging from a mere 53 seconds to 2:18. It is film scoring, and the music is suitably cinematic. The film is a psychological drama with some eerie moments, and the music conveys these themes and moods masterfully. A highlight on the album comes at the end, with the piano solo, “Polonaise Du Medecin.”

Listen to the full Spell soundtrack album below. Also be sure to pre-order the vinyl release of the album, due out December 6th.


Composing For Spell

We first learned Patrick Stump was composing for Spell one year ago when Billboard broke the news. In that interview, it was confirmed that Patrick sings only the one song – we now know to be “Deep Blue Love” – while the other compositions are instrumental. The tracks were described as “sparse, icy, and often jarring,” fitting the tone of the film.

In a recent interview with Variety, Patrick described working with Brendan Walter, the film’s director:

Brendan gave me a real chance as a composer. I was allowed to explore elements of my writing that I could never have without the narrative of the film. This score was fantastic to work on because I got to play with the film’s theme of emotional ambiguity: How much of this is actually happening? How much of this is in Benny’s Head? Is he working towards achieving a goal or is he being consumed by some kind of ominous horror? Asking and in some cases answering those questions with music was a real thrill.

Variety describes Spell as “an American illustrator’s soul-searching journey across the isolated Icelandic countryside after the unexpected death of his fiancée. He becomes drawn into a supernatural world of ancient runes and secrets — unless it’s all in his head.”

The film was produced by Crush Pictures and directed by Brendan Walter. Spell stars Barak Hardley, Jackie Tohn, Magnús Jónsson and Birna Rún Eiríksdóttir. Check out its trailer below:

More From Patrick Stump

Spell isn’t the first film for which Patrick Stump composed the music. He’s also composed for the films Gnome AloneChangeland, and The Banana Splits Movie, and has an upcoming short film called Wonderland. Most recently, Patrick scored the new Lil Peep film, Everybody’s Everything, in theaters now.

Earlier this year, Patrick Stump teamed up with Martin Garrix and Macklemore on their single “Summer Days.” He also joined Matt Nathanson for a cover of Chance The Rapper’s “Same Drugs” on Matt’s Postcards (From Chicago) EP. (That EP also features a cover of Fall Out Boy’s “Hum Hallelujah.” Stream it here!)

Patrick Stump released one solo album, Soul Punk, back in 2011. His work outside of Fall Out Boy tends to be quite collaborative, but it’s great to hear a proper solo song from him again! Maybe someday he’ll do another solo album…. we can hope!

Fall Out Boy: Believers Never Die: Volume Two & Hella Mega Tour

Last week, Fall Out Boy released their second greatest hits compilation, Believers Never Die: Volume Two. It was preceded by their recent single, “Dear Future Self (Hands Up),” and also features the new song “Bob Dylan.” The compilation dropped on November 15th.

Bassist Pete Wentz recently revealed that Believers Never Die: Volume Two is Fall Out Boy’s last album with their Island Records contract. It’s unclear what label they’ll be on in the future when it’s time to release another record.

Following the new compilation, Fall Out Boy has a massive tour lined up for 2020: Between June and August next year, Fall Out Boy will join Green Day and Weezer on the Hella Mega Tour! Be sure to get tickets before it’s too late – some dates have already sold out, so don’t wait!

More Fall Out Boy News

Enjoy the new lyric video for “Deep Blue Love,” as well as the rest of Patrick’s compositions on the Spell soundtrack, out now. The movie is also available on VOD and DVD as of yesterday. Keep checking back here for all the latest Patrick Stump and Fall Out Boy news.

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