Why Choose Cello as Your Next Instrument?

There are several instruments that anyone can learn over time. However, choosing the best instrument, especially in the string family, can be quite a task. One of the most famous instruments studied by beginners is the cello. Here are some of the factors why you should also consider cello as your first or next instrument:

Reasons to Learn the Cello Instrument

  1. An orchestra or a chamber group, even a trio and duo, would not be complete without a cellist because it is through them that authentic sounds are created, thus creating an edge on every performance.
  2. The cello also balances the high pitch sound coming from the violin, thus providing listeners with harmonious composition.
  3. Cellists are also considered a one-man team as they play most parts in an orchestra: from melody to harmony to bass line.
  4. Learning how to play cello opens up opportunities to play in events outside of an orchestra (e.g. weddings, corporate events, and alike).
  5. Cello is popular among compositions that you can hear on films, commercials, television shows, and other media materials.
  6. As a versatile instrument in the string family, the cello can also play three clefs such as bass, tenor, and treble.
  7. Playing cello or music in general is linked to developing the mental and physical aspect of a musician – there has been an observed improvement on the physical strength of a cellist in terms of posture, back muscles, arms, and hands. Mentally, cellists are able to express and release negative emotions through playing, which in return shapes their minds to be more mentally stable compared to average people.
  8. Moreover, cello claims to have a deep rich sound that is close to a human voice – making it a vital piece in any masterpiece.
  9. Regardless of how old you are, cello can be learned by anyone as long as you have the grit and discipline.
  10. Cello conducts thorough audition as it requires a musician that is extensively trained for their part in a group. 
  11. The classical instrument has been adapted in today’s generation for its eclectic sound. You may have heard several compositions from movies and series (e.g. Game Of Thrones) that utilized cello to invoke emotions among their target audience.

Cello vs. Violin

There has been an ongoing argument which instrument is hard or easy to play – cello or violin? While both belong to the string instrument and have their own roles in an orchestra, here are some points to consider if you’re confused about which one you should learn:

  • Cello, for most musicians, is considered to be easier to play for its natural position compared to the violin that will take some time to get used to.
  • To determine which instrument suits you the most, try playing both the instruments by enrolling for a couple of lessons to gauge which instrument you’re most comfortable playing and you don’t have a hard time catching up.
  • Consider the opportunities that each instrument can provide you. 
  • You may also consider renting the instruments one at a time so you’ll experience the feel of each instrument when being played.

While both instruments are both hard and easy to play on their own aspects, they each have significant effects for you as a musician and advantageous at the end of the day.


This blog was written by Tritan Chan – Marketing Management Graduate, who loves listening to classical music while reading a good book.

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