Of Monsters And Men Unleash Music Video For “Wars”

Last summer, Of Monsters And Men released their third studio album, Fever Dream. Following the singles “Alligator” and “Wild Roses,” we now get a music video for the latest single, “Wars.”

“Wars” finds Raggi Þórhallsson crooning over finger snaps. Festive details reminiscent of “Little Talks” make this song feel quintessentially Of Monsters And Men, a welcome throwback to their earlier sound. While the verses sound like typical fare for him, Raggi’s voice grows more loose and fun on the energetic, poppy choruses. By then, it feels a bit like Foster The People with its smooth, grooving vibe. “Wars” sounds free and joyful in spite of its lyric about love being a “cruel war.” It may be the song that best meshes Of Monsters And Men’s earlier sound with the more modern, confident sound heard on much of Fever Dream.

The animated music video for “Wars” is a wild ride. We start with each of the band’s five members enjoying some leisurely alone time, but then suddenly they’re all grabbed by black tentacles and pulled into a freaky underworld filled with brightly colored monsters. And the terror doesn’t end there: They’re eventually each dismembered and reassembled, a new monster to join the others. With the flashing colors and zany artwork, this is a trippy and intriguing video!

Watch the music video for “Wars” below:

“Wars” appears on the new Of Monsters And Men album, Fever Dream, released last July. You can stream or download the album from all the major music providers here.

In January, Of Monsters And Men will take their Fever Dream Tour to Australia and Asia. Find dates and get tickets here while you still can!

Enjoy the new music video for “Wars,” and be sure to go back and listen to the whole Fever Dream album! And as always, keep checking back here for all the latest Of Monsters And Men music news.

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