See Simple Plan’s New Music Video For “Where I Belong”

Two months ago, Simple Plan teamed up with State Champs and We The Kings on their new single, “Where I Belong.” The collaboration was perfectly timed, as the three bands embarked on a tour shortly thereafter. Now, after over two months of enjoying the song, it gets a new music video.

“Where I Belong” is an anthemic pop-punk song that feels comfortingly familiar. Pierre Bouvier, Derek DiScanio, and Travis Clark trade vocals about feeling at home and content with your life. Pierre references Simple Plan’s classic hit, “Perfect,” when he reiterates, “I’m sorry that I can’t be perfect.” Derek then harkens back to State Champs song “Secrets” when he says “Lay you in on one of my secrets; I’m still just as lost as yesterday.” But in contrast to those sad songs, “Where I Belong” is empowering, a unifying anthem for us all.

The new music video brings this anthemic energy to life. Its footage is primarily made up of shots of the three bands performing on stage. Interspersed we get the three singers lip-syncing their parts against simpler backdrops, up close with the camera to create intimacy. Throughout the video, the hyped up crowd and impassioned performances remind us that the pop punk scene is alive and thriving. This scene is where we belong – where bands and fans alike coexist and feel most at home.

Watch the “Where I Belong” music video below:

You can stream or download “Where I Belong” from all the major music providers here.

New Simple Plan Album

Speaking of We The Kings… frontman Travis Clark recently co-wrote a bunch of songs for the upcoming Simple Plan album! Late in 2018, Simple Plan frontman Pierre Bouvier and dummer Chuck Comeau began writing new songs for the upcoming album. They’ve written with a few other songwriters, too, including Travis Clark of We The Kings. Earlier this year, Pierre gushed about the “phenomenal” new music they were working on. The men continued writing through spring.

Since then, Simple Plan has been in the studio recording album #6. They entered the studio in July, and will continue recording into 2020. According to guitarist Jeff Stinco’s recent Instagram post, the band will record the last four songs for the album in January. At that point they’ll be done recording, likely with just mixing and mastering left to finish up the album.

In a recent interview, drummer Chuck Comeau said the album will likely drop in spring 2020.

They’re also recording differently this time around. Frontman Pierre Bouvier recently revealed that the band plans to self-produce this time, rather than working with a producer, and that Simple Plan is no longer with Atlantic Records. They’re now indie… just like Green Day and Fall Out Boy seem to be aiming for after their respective new releases.

Pierre also described two songs he’s particularly excited for fans to hear. Alas, he can’t say much about them just yet.We’ll just have to wait until spring to hear them! But if “Where I Belong” is anything to go by, they should be excellent.

More Simple Plan News

Coming Soon

Simple Plan’s last album, Taking One For The Team, came out in February 2016. It gave us the singles “Boom!,” “I Don’t Wanna Be Sad,” “I Don’t Wanna Go To Bed,” “Opinion Overload,” “Singing In The Rain,” and “Perfectly Perfect.”

They’re untitled 6th album, due in spring 2020, will be their first in four years. It will likely include “Where I Belong.”

Enjoy the new “Where I Belong” music video, and stay tuned for more studio updates as Simple Plan continues recording in the coming months. As always, keep checking back here for all the latest Simple Plan music news.

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