“Oh Yeah!” Is Green Day’s Best ‘Father Of All…’ Song Yet

Last week, Green Day announced “Oh Yeah!” as their third Father Of All… single. Following “Father Of All…” and “Fire, Ready, Aim,” fans can now hear “Oh Yeah!,” the best new song yet.

“Oh Yeah!” begins with a familiar pumping drum beat, floating background vocals, and tight guitar and bass. They make a humming backdrop for frontman Billie Joe Armstrong’s lyrics about being stuck among demons and heathens. The song truly breaks loose on its explosive, sunny chorus. Billie sings, “Everybody is a star; got my money and I’m feeling kinda low.” He might be sad, but the song – and especially this chorus – is sure to make you happy regardless. The chorus ends with its titular hook, itself sampled from Joan Jett’s 1980 cover of “Do You Wanna Touch Me (Oh Yeah).” (More on that in a minute.) Green Day’s “Oh Yeah!” is their best new single yet, and the most instantly enjoyable. It raises expectations for Father Of All…, out in three weeks.

Malia James directed the accompanying music video. It starts with Tré Cool teaching us how to play “Oh Yeah!” on drums, but quickly devolves into a distracted driver running over Billie Joe in a parking lot. This launches Billie into a complaint of people’s obsession with their phones at the expense of enjoying the world around them. He wanders around – sans phone – taking in the streets and his lonely diner soda. Interspersed, we see numerous people of all ages doing all they can to get the best picture or video to share online. Alternately, they’re intently watching that mass-produced content. The rest of Green Day differs from Billie’s views: Mike Dirnt – a security guard – sucks at his job as he watches videos on his phone. And Tré – ahem… Frank Storm – is a TV news reporter with a big personality. It’s a fun video for a fun song.

See the music video for “Oh Yeah!” below:

You can stream or download “Oh Yeah!” from all the major music providers here. All royalties for the song will be donated to IJM, an organization focused on human rights, and RAINN, a nonprofit anti-sexual assault organization. This is a pointed response to the “total asshole” songwriter of “Do You Wanna Touch (Oh Yeah)” – Garry Glitter – who is a registered sex offender.

Along with “Father Of All…” and “Fire, Ready, Aim,” it will appear on Green Day’s forthcoming album, due February 7th. You can pre-order Father Of All… now and get instant downloads of all three tracks.

The Father Of All… Tracklisting

Along with the announcement of “Oh Yeah!” last week, Green Day also confirmed the new album’s tracklisting. It will feature ten songs:

  1. Father Of All…
  2. Fire, Ready, Aim
  3. Oh Yeah!
  4. Meet Me On The Roof
  5. I Was A Teenage Teenager
  6. Stab You In The Heart
  7. Sugar Youth
  8. Junkies On A High
  9. Take The Money And Crawl
  10. Grafitia

In addition to the short tracklisting, we also know that the full album clocks in at a mere 26 minutes. This will make it Green Day’s shortest album to date, even shorter than Insomniac.

Besides the two songs we’ve heard already, we’ve only heard talk of two others. As Mike Dirnt told Rolling Stone last September, “Meet Me On The Roof” and “Junkies On A High” sound like “Green Day firing on all cylinders,” staying more true to their “bedrock punk sound” than songs like “Father Of All…”

Changing Labels & More Music Possibilities

In a series of interviews last September, Green Day did imply that this will be their last album with Warner Records. They’ve been with the major label since the early 1990s, and all of their albums from Dookie onwards have been released by Warner.

Additionally, the band members also suggested the possibility of them releasing a second album 2020 – possibly on their own label after leaving Warner.

Some speculate that Green Day is trolling fans with Father Of All… and have another (allegedly more serious) album planned. Interestingly, the band’s caption accompanying “Fire, Ready, Aim” in October did seem to feed into that theory. “How many trolls does it take to screw in a lightbulb?” Trolling, indeed.

More Green Day & Billie Joe News

Hella Mega Tour

Coinciding with the release of “Father Of All…” and the announcement of their new album last year, Green Day also announced a massive upcoming tour. The Hella Mega Tour will see Green Day co-headlining with Fall Out Boy and Weezer, with The Interrupters supporting the bands.

Tickets are on sale now. Be sure to get tickets before it’s too late! Some dates have already sold out, so don’t wait!

Father Of All…

Enjoy “Oh Yeah!” and its new music video! The full album will be out on February 7th. Also get ready to see Green Day with Fall Out Boy and Weezer later this year. You can pick up tickets now. Keep checking back here for all the latest Green Day music news.

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