Tove Lo & MC Zaac Release “Are U Gonna Tell Her?” Music Video

In November, Tove Lo released the lyric video for “Are U Gonna Tell Her?” featuring Brazilian artist MC Zaac. The song appears on Tove’s recent album, Sunshine Kitty, released last September. Today, “Are U Gonna Tell Her?” gets a new music video.

“Are U Gonna Tell Her?” builds around a frenzied synth riff, and MC Zaac’s occasional high-registered interjections add tension. Tove sings the first verse, describing her desire to be with this guy. She sings with MC Zaac on the onomatopoeia-ridden pre-chorus, then Tove sings a delicate chorus. But its lyrics present the shame: they’ve hooked up, but he has a girlfriend… will he confess what happened? MC Zaac sings the second verse entirely in Portuguese, describing Tove as dangerous. It’s a short but hypnotic track.

The music video, directed by Alaska, reverses the roles. It starts with a couple entering a floating restaurant. The man is unpleasant, and it’s no secret why his date isn’t into him. Her eyes wander, resting on the busboy across the room. What follows is an ongoing and at times over-the-top tango between the two as they hook up in the back room then dance and kiss all over the restaurant. Do the other patrons or workers even notice? Meanwhile, Tove Lo and MC Zaac observe approvingly without getting involved themselves.

Watch the music video for “Are U Gonna Tell Her?” below:

You can hear “Are U Gonna Tell Her?” on Tove Lo’s new album, Sunshine Kitty, out now. You can stream or buy the album from all the major music providers here.

The song follows Tove’s Sunshine Kitty singles “Glad He’s Gone,” the Alma-assisted “Bad As The Boys,” “Jacques” with Jax Jones, “Really Don’t Like U” featuring Kylie Minogue, and “Sweettalk My Heart.” Tove also just put out a non-album single called “Bikini Porn.”

More Tove Lo News

Want to hear “Are U Gonna Tell Her?” live? Tove Lo is getting ready to go on a full tour of Sunshine Kitty in just a few days. The North American tour starts in Nashville on February 3rd and finishes in Los Angeles on February 28th. On March 9th, Tove will begin her European tour in Glasgow and end in Stockholm on March 26th. See all the dates and get tickets now!

Enjoy the new music video for “Are U Gonna Tell Her?,” and be sure to hear all of Sunshine Kitty now. Get ready to see Tove live once her tour starts in just a few days, too! Keep checking back here for all the latest Tove Lo music news.

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