Billie Joe Armstrong Hints At More Green Day Music Coming In 2020

Last week, Green Day released their latest album, Father Of All… But even before the album was out, Green Day was hinting at plans to release more music in 2020. In a new interview Billie Joe Armstrong did with Zane Lowe today, it sounds like the band is still itching to release more music, even by this summer.

Towards the end of the interview, Zane asked if Green day is still feeling inspired to follow up the new album and keep making music. Billie Joe responded:

Well we have more songs. I’ve written like 3 or 4 since the first single came out. The way people are able to put out music now, we’re so stoked. Cause now we could just put out stuff anytime we want. We’re completely unstructured. So to put out a single here or an EP here, and contribute to something that would eventually be an album… So we don’t really know, but we’re into it. Hopefully maybe there will even be more music this summer. We’ll see what happens.

Zane then asked how many songs Green Day has left over from the Father Of All… sessions. Billie Joe answered:

We’ve got like 7 songs left from that session. And then there’s like 4 more, so we have almost another album’s worth of stuff right now.

That would be pretty amazing if Green Day releases even more music by this summer!

Listen to the full interview below. Talk of new music begins at 13:27.

Father Of All…

Green Day’s new album, Father Of All…, is out now. It features the singles “Father Of All…,” “Fire, Ready, Aim,” “Oh Yeah!,” and “Meet Me On The Roof.”

It’s a fun and straightforward record, weaving in elements of Motown along with Green Day’s brand of punk rock. While it’s not their strongest or most ambitious release (see instead American Idiot, 21st Century Breakdown, and the trilogy), it is refreshingly carefree and fast-paced.

Changing Labels & More Music Possibilities

In a series of interviews last September, Green Day did imply that Father Of All… would be their last album with Warner Records. They’ve been with the major label since the early 1990s, and all of their albums from Dookie onwards have been released by Warner.

Additionally, at the time, the band members also suggested the possibility of them releasing a second album 2020 – possibly on their own label after leaving Warner.

Billie Joe did not indicate how they would release new music this year, if they were to do so. We’ll just have to wait and see.

More Green Day & Billie Joe News

Hella Mega Tour

Coinciding with the release of “Father Of All…” and the announcement of their new album last year, Green Day also announced a massive upcoming tour. The Hella Mega Tour will see Green Day co-headlining with Fall Out Boy and Weezer.

The tour starts in May 24th in Moscow, and extends through Europe, culminating in a Dublin show on June 29th. Then the Hella Mega Tour will take the bands to North America, starting in Seattle on July 17th and finishing in Philadelphia on August 29th. In November, the tour will go to Australia and New Zealand.

Asian dates have been cancelled due to Coronavirus, but will hopefully be rescheduled once the illness is under control. Dates in other territories have not been announced.

Tickets for the Hella Mega Tour are on sale now. Be sure to get tickets before it’s too late! Some dates have already sold out, so don’t wait!

Enjoy the new Father Of All… album, and get ready for more music from Green Day, potentially out this summer! Also get ready to see Green Day with Fall Out Boy and Weezer later this year. You can pick up tickets now. Keep checking back here for all the latest Green Day music news.

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