Garbage Reveals Exciting Progress On Album #7

Later this year, Garbage aims to finally release their 7th studio album, the followup to their 2016 record, Strange Little Birds. They’ve been writing and recording off and on for the last few years, but it seems that the past 12 weeks have gotten us a lot closer to hearing the new material. Last night, Garbage shared an exciting update on their upcoming 7th album:

Tonight we are going to be playing our new songs for someone outside of the family. It’s a big night. A nail biting night. A moment full of terror and self doubt But also such a thrill.

It is tremendously touching to know that an old friend would travel half way across the world to hear what we have been working on these past 12 weeks. Despite everything, we are exceedingly grateful to be a band , 26 years knee deep in the bullshit of an overly populated music business and still have even a single soul interested in what we do. Thank you to the gods of music. Thank you to our beloved fans. Thank you all for staying invested and interested in what we do. We are truly surprised and immeasurably grateful. We know what an anomaly and a true phenomenon such ardour is. Pray for us. 🖤
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Check out Garbage’s post below:


Making the Album

Garbage first started working on new songs in spring 2017. That summer, we got a taste of their upcoming 7th album when they shared “No Horses” as a single. It was one of five songs they’d already started that year. They continued working on new songs early in 2018 and into that spring, though studio time halted when they toured in celebration of Version 2.0 turning 20.

For Record Store Day: Black Friday in late 2018, Garbage shared another new song; “Destroying Angels” was released more widely at the beginning of 2019. Whereas “No Horses” was apocalyptic, “Destroying Angels” was a murder song. It sounds like the next Garbage album will be pretty dark! Though, as they said February last year, it’ll be balanced out with some light, too. And, of course, sugar and spice and everything nice.

Following the 2018 celebration of the 20th anniversary of their sophomore album Version 2.0, Garbage spent much of early 2019 working on their upcoming 7th studio album. Last year they teased the “darkness and light” and “sugar and spice” they were creating in the studio. In April, they were in the studio again. In mid-September, Garbage returned to the studio, announcing it as “Day 1” of recording the new album. Did that mark the official beginning of the recording and production, following months of writing and demoing? Or was it just “Day 1” of that particular session? It’s unclear, but we do know the band has been making progress! Garbage re-entered the studio last month.

New Clues

So far, we still know precious little about the sound of their forthcoming album. Last June, NME shared an interview with Shirley Manson about politics, the future of rock music, and, of course, their new album. She revealed that the music is “cinematic” and “pretty personal.”

Last October, Garbage teased fans with a handful of full and partial song titles, including the following:

  • [unreadable] About You
  • This City Will Kill You
  • The Creeps
  • [unreadable] K
  • Waiting For God To Show Up
  • Anonymous Sexx

Guitarist Steve Marker has stated that Garbage is aiming to release the album in 2020. At this point, we’d expect sometime around the middle of this year.


Catch up on all that’s gone into making the album so far, and get ready for more studio updates as the band continues recording. In the next few months, we expect tings to get really exciting as Garbage finishes up recording. Keep checking back here for all the latest Garbage music news.

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