Vanessa Carlton Confirms That “Break To Save” Will Be Released

Last Friday, Vanessa Carlton released her ethereal new album, Love Is An Art. It features 11 new songs – including singles like “Future Pain,” “The Only Way To Love,” and “Miner’s Canary” – but fans following the release may have noticed one absence. Vanessa’s record label, Dine Alone, had indicated that a song called “Break To Save” would be a bonus track on the record. However, it’s not currently available on any version of Love Is An Art. Luckily, Vanessa just confirmed that the song will see a release soon!

In a new Reddit AMA, one fan asked Vanessa, “I’ve heard about a hidden track ‘break to save’ on Love Is An Art…but no one can find it. Where is the hidden track??” In her response, Vanessa stated, “its coming out! as a b side I believe. hang tight my friend.”

Great news! It’s unclear when exactly we’ll get to hear “Break To Save,” but we’re certainly happy that it will become available at some point. We’ll keep you posted on its release once more information is available.

More Highlights From Vanessa’s AMA

In addition to the news about “Break To Save,” Vanessa also shared some other intriguing insights. One fan asked about some unreleased songs, writing:

There have been a lot of B-Sides on your way like All is well or Morning Sting (♥). Will we ever get studio or good live versions of these songs? Maybe a B-Side record?

Vanessa replied: “oh my god! those are deep in my past….I feel like I could revisit all is well for sure….x.” We’d definitely love to hear these old songs properly – and a b-sides record would be a dream!

Vanessa also talked about writing her new album with Tristen, and shared the stories behind some songs, including “Miner’s Canary” (about an emotionally abusive relationship she was once in) and “Twilight” (about overcoming her perceived “failure” at a career in ballet). Her new song “Companion Star” includes one of her own favorite lyrics, and could be seen as a part 2 to her song Liberman “Blue Pool.”

Additionally, Vanessa talked about her bisexuality, her dogs, how she filmed the music video for “White Houses,” and forthcoming sheet music for her favorite songs across her career.

There’s a lot of interesting information in there, so be sure to read through Vanessa’s full Reddit AMA here.

Love Is An Art

Vanessa’s new album, Love Is An Art, just came out last Friday. It includes her singles “Future Pain,” “The Only Way To Love,” and “Miner’s Canary,” plus studio versions of songs she’d previously performed live: “Love Is An Art,” “I Know You Don’t Mean It,” and “Salesman.” The album includes a song called “Patience,” which Vanessa had first previewed back in 2012, plus another song called “Die, Dinosaur,” which she teased days before the album’s release.

Listen to the full album, and be sure to read our track-by-track review of it here.

More Vanessa Carlton News

Tour Postponed

Vanessa had a two-legged North American tour planned for this spring. Unfortunately, in light of the coronavirus pandemic, Vanessa has postponed the dates. No new dates have been announced yet, but a rescheduled tour is in the works, so stay tuned.

It’ll be worth the wait, because this will be the first time in a decade that Vanessa tours and performs with a full band. Yes, we’ll finally get to hear the songs as big as ever again!

Love Is An Art just came out on March 27th. Enjoy the new songs, and look out for “Break To Save” later this year! As always, keep checking back here for all the latest Vanessa Carlton music news.

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