Neon Trees Celebrate 10 Years With Acoustic “Animal” Video

Last month, Neon Trees celebrated the 10th anniversary of their debut album, Habits, with a new acoustic version of their hit single, “Animal.” It’s amazing that a whole decade has passed so fast, but “Animal” will always hold a special place in our hearts. Today, the acoustic version of “Animal” comes with a new music video highlighting the Habits era.

If the 2010 recording is fresh in your memory, you’ll immediately hear how different this acoustic version is. It opens with bass and finger snaps, and builds a slower pace than the decade-old single had. Frontman Tyler Glenn sings soothingly, in spite of the lyrics, then he surprises us by going low at the end of the first verse. The musicianship continues to go in unexpected directions, making this feel like an all-new song rather than a nostalgic recreation of the original. It feels fresh, and is a great companion to its predecessor.

The song’s new music video is certainly a trip down memory lane. We get tons of clips from the Habits era, reliving 2010 and feeling more than a little nostalgic. Watch as the band performs live around the world, meets excited fans, and shares behind-the-scenes footage of the time.

Enjoy the music video for the acoustic, 10th anniversary edition of “Animal” below:

You can stream or download the acoustic version of “Animal” from all the major music providers here.

“Used To Like” & New Album

Revisiting the past isn’t all Neon Trees are up to these days. The band is about to release their fourth studio album – the first since 2014’s Pop Psychology. Apart from Tyler Glenn’s solo album Excommunication and the band’s standalone single “Feel Good,” it’s been a while since we heard from the group.

They released lead single “Used To Like” last November, with the music video out three months ago. In February, the band also shared an acoustic version of “Used To Like.”

Their new album is due out later this year. Stay tuned for further details, including the title, tracklist, release date, and more.

Enjoy  the new acoustic version of “Animal” and the nostalgic video, and feel free to revisit Habits! Keep checking back here for all the latest Neon Trees music news.

We know you want to. Check out the original version of “Animal” below:

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