Billie Joe Armstrong Reveals He’s Written 6 New Songs During Quarantine

We can probably all agree that we’re living in strange and unsettling times right now. While people around the world self-isolate and go into quarantine, many are spending more time at home and have a lot more free time on their hands. Musicians have taken to livestreaming performances from their living rooms. Others are recording new music in their home studios, or attempting to rehearse songs over video chat. Still others are writing new songs. Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong falls into several of these categories, including that last one. Indeed, he just revealed to Kerrang! that he’s written 6 new Green Day songs while in quarantine!

As he told Kerrang! in a new interview:

I’ve been writing a lot of music, and I had all these melodies in my head, so I wrote, like, six songs since all of this has been going on. I don’t know when I can get together with Mike and Tré, but I told them to make sure that they’re quarantined for now, and then I hope down the road we can get back in the studio with [Father Of All… producer] Butch Walker.

We can’t wait to hear the new songs! It may be a while, depending on how long this COVID-19 pandemic lasts, but it’s exciting to know that new Green Day music is already in the pipeline.

Father Of All… & “Otis Big Guitar Mix” EP

Green Day’s new album Father Of All…, produced by Butch Walker, is out now. It features the singles “Father Of All…,” “Fire, Ready, Aim,” “Oh Yeah!,” and “Meet Me On The Roof.”

It’s a fun and straightforward record, weaving in elements of Motown along with Green Day’s brand of punk rock. While it’s not their strongest or most ambitious release (see instead American Idiot21st Century Breakdown, and the trilogy), it is refreshingly carefree and fast-paced.

Then, surprising fans everywhere, Green Day just put out an EP last Friday. The “Otis Big Guitar Mix” EP features alternate versions of three trilogy songs. Sure, the trilogy came out 8 years ago, but it’s never too late for more goodies from it, right? Hear new mixes of “Lazy Bones,” “Wild One,” and “Oh Love.”

Changing Labels & More Music Possibilities

In a series of interviews last September, Green Day did imply that Father Of All… would be their last album with Warner Records. They’ve been with the major label since the early 1990s, and all of their albums from Dookie onwards have been released by Warner.

Additionally, at the time, the band members also suggested the possibility of them releasing a second album 2020 – possibly on their own label after leaving Warner.

Billie Joe recently reiterated the possibility of more Green Day music this year, but did not indicate how they would release new music this year, if they were to do so. Now that he’s written 6 more songs just in the last month or so, we could have a lot of great new music once the quarantine is done!

Furthermore, with the new “Otis Big Guitar Mix” EP in mind, perhaps a lot of content – both new and old – could be coming our way? We have exciting times ahead of us.

More Green Day & Billie Joe News

Billie Joe’s “No Fun Mondays” Covers

While we’re all in quarantine thanks to COVID-19, Billie Joe has started sharing weekly covers. Each Monday, he’ll share a new cover as part of his “No Fun Mondays” project. So far, we’ve heard his versions of “I Think We’re Alone Now,” “You Can Put Your Arms Around A Memory,” and as of today, “Manic Monday” featuring The Bangles’ Susannah Hoffs. Stay tuned for more covers in the coming weeks.

Hella Mega Tour

Starting this May, Green Day is supposed to embark on the Hella Mega Tour with Fall Out Boy and Weezer. However, with Coronavirus, dates could certainly still change.

The tour starts in May 24th in Moscow, and extends through Europe, culminating in a Dublin show on June 29th. Then the Hella Mega Tour will take the bands to North America, starting in Seattle on July 17th and finishing in Philadelphia on August 29th. In November, the tour will go to Australia and New Zealand. Asian dates have been pushed back to 2021 due to Coronavirus.

Tickets for the Hella Mega Tour are on sale now. Be sure to get tickets before it’s too late! Some dates have already sold out, so don’t wait!

Enjoy Green Day’s new “Otis Big Guitar Mix” EP! These versions of “Lazy Bones,” “Wild One,” and “Oh Love” remind us of how much we still love the trilogy. Keep checking back here for all the latest Green Day music news.

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