The Weeknd Shares Music Video For “Until I Bleed Out”

The Weeknd released his long-awaited new album, After Hours, just a couple weeks ago. It’s an impressive record, and has launched the singles “Heartless,” “Blinding Lights,” and “In Your Eyes” – each with a music video. The Weeknd has since updated After Hours with three additional bonus tracks, plus shared an EP of remixes and the live recording of “Scared To Live” from SNL. Following the videos for the first three singles – plus the short film for After Hours – The Weeknd is now back with a music video for “Until I Bleed Out,” the closing track on standard editions of his new album.

“Until I Bleed Out” fades in, bleary and hazy like earlier songs on the album. Though it builds up halfway through, it remains a slow and dark outro. It promises no happy endings here, and is a fitting close to an often murky album.

Its music video follows where the previous videos from this era left off. In the “Until I Bleed Out” video, the kaleidoscopic colors fade into focus as slowly as the music. Eventually, we find The Weeknd in an elegant room, confetti falling as people enjoy the party. But The Weeknd is clearly in a bad place, the room spinning around him as he stumbles down and chokes on confetti. People around him fight, and all he wants is to escape into the cold expanse of a snow-covered field.

Watch the music video for “Until I Bleed Out” below:

You can hear “Until I Bleed Out” and more on all versions of The Weeknd’s new album, After HoursStream or buy the album from all the major music providers here.

In addition to the singles “Heartless,” “Blinding Lights,” and “In Your Eyes,” The Weeknd also shared the title track as a promo single and performed the ballad “Scared To Live” on SNL.

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The Weeknd plans to embark on a huge After Hours tour this summer. He’ll kick off the North American leg with back-to-back dates in Vancouver, Canada on June 11th and 12th. He’ll cross and re-cross the US and Canada for three months before finishing on New York City on September 3rd.  Then he’ll go to Europe, starting with THREE dates in London beginning October 11th, and ending with two dates in Paris on November 12th and 13th. It’s an extensive tour and you won’t want to miss it. Find all dates and get tickets now while you still can!

Enjoy the new music video for “Until I Bleed Out,” and be sure to hear the full After Hours album. Maybe read our review while you’re at it? Keep checking back here for all the latest music news on The Weeknd.

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