Avril Lavigne Is Recording Vocals For… Something!

It’s been over a year since Avril Lavigne released her splendid comeback album, Head Above Water. While it seems that album has already given us all the singles we’re going to get, it looks like Avril has set her eyes on new music. Like the rest of us, Avril is in self-isolation during this pandemic, but she’s making good use of her time. She just shared that she’s been recording vocals! We don’t yet know what this new music is or how far along in the process she is. Could she be demoing songs for her next album? Is she recording something we’ll get to hear soon – a new single or soundtrack song, perhaps? Whatever it is, we’re excited.

It started last weekend. At the end of Friday, April 3rd, Avril went to her Instagram stories to share a picture of her pink microphone, including the caption, “Uhhh that just happened.” Then, just this evening, Avril shared two more images on her Instagram stories: one of her microphone stand and one of the same pink microphone. On the the first image, she wrote:

Re-recording vocals

Why do I always take my shoes off when I sing in the studio. Every time! It’s so weird.

What is she working on? Let us know your theories or wishes in the comments below!

Check out Avril’s three new images about recording vocals:

Head Above Water

In February 2019, more than five years after releasing her eponymous fifth album, Avril Lavigne made her music comeback with Head Above Water. Many of the songs, including the lead single and title track, detail her battle with Lyme Disease. But it’s not all about her health battle; singles like “Tell Me It’s Over” describe relationship woes, whereas “Dumb Blonde” offers an unexpected feminist anthem. Its latest single, “I Fell In Love With The Devil,” is a stunning track with aspects comparable to Lana Del Rey.

Avril had stated that “It Was In Me” would be the next single. With a sound and message harkening back to Avril’s early ballad, “I’m With You,” it sounded like a great choice for the final single. However, it has been nearly a year since we heard any updates on the single getting sent to radio or having a music video. What a shame.

You can stream or purchase Head Above Water at all the major music providers here.

Avril toured the US in support of Head Above Water last fall. She had Asian and European tours scheduled for this spring, but alas, Coronavirus derailed the tour. Dates are expected to be rescheduled for later this year or 2021.

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It’s great that we have some new music to look forward to! We can’t wait to hear whatever it is Avril’s been recording vocals for. There’s no telling when we’ll get to hear it or even what it is, but it’s fun to speculate. As always, keep checking back here for all the latest Avril Lavigne music news.

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