Editors Add ‘You Are Fading’ Volume 2 from ‘Unedited’ Rarities

Three weeks ago, Editors surprised fans with a gift nine years in the making: volumes 3 and 4 of the You Are Fading compilations included in their Unedited boxset. Back in 2011, the band released their super-limited but cleverly titled Unedited boxset, including their three albums up to that point, plus all of the b-sides, bonus tracks, and other rarities that came from those eras. An addition to their records The Back RoomAn End Has A Start, and In This Light And On This Evening, the boxset came with four rarities compilations titled You Are Fading. Though some of those rarities have been available digitally, many of them remained elusive. Following the release of volumes 3 and 4 last month, Editors have now shared volume 2 of the You Are Fading rarities.

The new release includes seven songs, all from Editors’ first two albums. (It’s worth noting that it should have 8 songs; a Back Room era b-side titled “The Diplomat” should be the penultimate track here. Hopefully Editors will add that later?)

First is “Every Little Piece,” an early version of their 2007 song, “The Weight Of The World.” It had first been recorded back when Editors still went by Snowfield, appearing on their 2003 demo EP. It had never been released commercially until Unedited came out in 2011. Last fall, fans who ordered Black Gold: Best Of Editors from Editors’ official also got The Snowfield Demos on CD.

From The Back Room, we first get “Release”; it had appeared on the Cuttings bonus disc. “Come Share The View” and “Dust In The Sunlight” were both b-sides from that album’s singles.

An End Has A Start offers up the remaining three songs. “Open Up” was a bonus track on deluxe versions of the album, while “Some Kind Of Spark” and “Banging Heads” were both single b-sides.

Listen to volume 2 of the You Are Fading bonus tracks below:

More Rarities?

Editors only have You Are Fading volume 1 left to share, though it’s unclear when it will arrive. We eagerly await that day, and will report on it here once it’s up! Upon getting that last compilation, nearly all of Editors’ early work will be available. We would only be lacking a handful of covers they recorded, plus their 2003 demo EP, The Snowfield Demos, which they just put out physically with their Black Gold: Best Of Editors compilation last October.

If we’re lucky, Editors may also add newer rarities not currently available digitally (at least, not in the United States). Streaming currently lacks The Weight Of Your Love bonus tracks “Get Low” and “Comrade Spill My Blood,” plus the acoustic versions of “Hyena” and “Nothing.” (“The Sting,” however, is up already.) We’d also love to stream the Violence bonus tracks, “The Pulse” and “When We Were Angels.”

And who knows, maybe someday we’ll get their really elusive unreleased songs? We’re crossing our fingers for “Dream Dark As Your Heaven” the Flood sessions of their fourth album…

Editors – Unreleased Songs

Editors have generously offered fans dozens of songs throughout their career, often giving us bonus tracks, b-sides, and alternate versions of known songs in addition to the tracks that make up their albums. Although we seem to have gotten the bulk of their songs, there are plenty of unreleased songs and known recordings fans still…

The Latest from Editors

Early in 2018, Editors released their 6th album, Violence. After extensive touring and four singles – “Magazine,” “Hallelujah (So Low),” “Darkness At The Door,” and “Cold” – the band shared an alternate version of the album with The Blanck Mass Sessions, made up of earlier versions of the Violence songs first produced by Blanck Mass. The album, released in May last year, also featured their previously unreleased Violence song, “Barricades.”

Editors shared their first greatest hits album, Black Gold: Best Of Editors, last fall. Along with 13 beloved songs, it also features three new singles: “Frankenstein,” “Black Gold,” and “Upside Down.”

You can stream or purchase it from all the major music providers here. Be sure to check out the deluxe edition, which features a bonus disc of 8 new acoustic recordings of beloved album tracks.

Additionally, every order of Black Gold: Best Of Editors on vinyl or CD from Editors’ official site comes with a bonus 8-track The Snowfield Demos CD. The Snowfield Demos is an extremely rare recording from 2003, before Editors were even called Editors. (Indeed, they went by Snowfield when they made that EP.)

More recently, frontman Tom Smith shared a picture of him with Blanck Mass, cheekily writing just “scheming.” We’re not sure what they’ve got up their sleeves… but we’re ready for it.

More Editors & Tom Smith News

More from Tom

In addition to Editors, frontman Tom Smith has also down a couple of recent collaborations with UNKLE: “The Other Side” and “Crucifixion / A Prophet,” released in winter 2018/2019.

Moreover, he and Andy Burrows have resurrected Smith & Burrows. They recorded their long-overdue second album last summer in Nashville, working with producer Jacquire King. They debuted “All The Best Moves” live late in 2018 and previewed some lyrics last year. Now they’re getting ready to finally release the album… soon. We’re expecting the lead single within the next month or so, with the album to follow sometime this summer or fall.

You Are Fading

We’re thrilled to have volume 2 of You Are Fading available on streaming for the first time! It joins volumes 3 and 4, released on April 27th. We can’t wait to get volume 1 next. With that, all of Unedited will be available for fans to hear. Enjoy the newly released 2000s Editors tunes, and keep checking back here for all the latest music news.

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