Neon Trees Share “New Best Friend” & Announce New Album

Late last year, Neon Trees shared their new song, “Used To Like,” with the music video dropping in January. Now, despite possible pushbacks due to the current pandemic, Neon Trees is back with their second single, “New Best Friend,” and the long-awaited album announcement! Next month, on June 26th, Neon Trees will release I Can Feel You Forgetting Me to the world. Following “Used To Like,” “New Best Friend” is our second taste of the upcoming 4th album. It’s an immediate song that promises more great music to come. Today, the single comes with a new lyric video.

Neon Trees frontman Tyler Glenn described “New Best Friend” in a recent Instagram post:

New Best Friend is about embracing the crazy that lives within all of us: The nostalgic highs, the unflattering lows, and the beautiful messiness of being human. I’ve realized that there are memories with people that have come and gone in my life, and while I reminisce on those moments, ultimately at the end of the day I’m still left with myself. All my successes and failures, my “house of cards”, could crumble and fall apart, like most things eventually do, but the constant is the experience you have with yourself. I choose to accept myself, and everything that comes with it. That to me is the essence of this song. I wrote it last year with @joejaniak. I truly love it, It’s out now everywhere.

“New Best Friend” continues the retro pop magic heard in “Used To Like,” but this time sounds a bit more somber, fitting the lyrics. Tyler describes wild nights out, his habits of drinking and getting high indicative of a bad emotional state. While the verses glide in with a mid-tempo groove, the choruses slow it down, sounding more anthemic and sad. But Tyler twists it around again: people may write him off as crazy, but he turns that insanity into his reliable companion. It’s a shimmering track that suggests an excellent album is on its way.

The song comes with a new lyric video. The imagery matches the “Used To Like” videos: harsh pink and blue glow, childish bedsheet ghost, lonely hotel room. It makes for a cohesive pair of singles that will likely continue with the rest of the upcoming album’s visuals.

Watch the lyric video for “New Best Friend” below:

You can stream or download “New Best Friend” from all the major music providers here. Along with “Used To Like,” it will appear on Neon Trees’ upcoming album, I Can Feel You Forgetting Me, out on June 26th. Pre-save the album here.

Neon Trees just shared a trailer for the new album. Tyler speaks over most of it, setting up a theme that will likely run through the songs:


New Album

In an interview with Atwood Magazine last November, Tyler talked about about Neon Trees’ new album, which will feature 10 songs, at least one of which is a proper ballad. He elaborated:

Writing this record, there was definitely a through-line through the record. Especially when we’ve honed it down to these 10 songs, I think it’s really succinct; there’s an arc through the record. I think I’m still writing about themes that are pretty much on par with Habits or Picture Show, but I’m doing it with this new lens with this new, current lens and with a lot of the growth that I’ve had over the last five years or so. There’s definitely an arc, and I think that’s cool to listen, for people that care to listen to a record in its entirety, I think that’s still important for me.

The upcoming album will be their first in six years. Pop Psychology came out in 2014, then frontman Tyler Glenn shared his first solo album, Excommunication, in 2016. The band regrouped for a standalone single together, “Feel Good,” in 2017, and finally have an album mixed and ready for us now.

Check out the cover art for I Can Feel You Forgetting Me below:


More From Neon Trees

Neon Trees recently revisited their very first single “Animal” from their 2010 debut album, Habits. They shared a new acoustic version of the track in celebration of its 10th anniversary.

Fans can now enjoy “New Best Friend,” “Used To Like,” and an acoustic version of “Used To Like.”

Enjoy  the new song and lyric video, and get ready to hear all of I Can Feel You Forgetting Me on June 26th! Keep checking back here for all the latest Neon Trees music news.

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