Alicia Keys Shares Poignant New Song, “Perfect Way To Die”

It’s no secret that the United States has seen too much police brutality, especially directed towards black and other non-white people. While it’s not a new issue, it has seen a surge of attention in the past month since George Floyd was murdered. As the Black Lives Matter movement gains traction and calls to defund the police gain support, we’re also seeing new art inspired by these turbulent times. Today, Alicia Keys surprise released her new song “Perfect Way To Die,” written about these murders.

“Perfect Way To Die” is a tender piano ballad, and the words take center stage. Alicia paints a scene of a mother getting a phone call and learning that her son has been shot. He’s too young to die, with so much he could have done in the life ahead of him, but now he’ll never get to grow old. It’s a direct and poignant song that encapsulates the troubles the plague America today.
Alicia described the story behind her new song:

I have felt called by music like I never have before.⁣⁣
I have been following its lead.⁣⁣
It has led me to the song “A Perfect Way to Die”.⁣⁣
The song title is so powerful and heartbreaking because WE are heartbroken by so many who have died unjustly.⁣⁣
Of course, there is NO perfect way to die. That phrase doesn’t even make sense. ⁣⁣
Just like it doesn’t make sense that there are so many innocent lives that should not have been taken from us due to the destructive culture of police violence. ⁣⁣
Sometimes I don’t have the words and music is the only thing that can speak.⁣⁣
I hope this speaks to you.⁣⁣
I hope one day this song won’t be so relevant.⁣⁣
Let’s NEVER stop fighting for justice.

Watch the lyric video for “Perfect Way To Die” below:

You can stream or download “Perfect Way To Die” from your favorite music providers here. The song will appear on Alicia’s upcoming album, ALICIA, expected out later this year. You pre-order ALICIA from all the major music providers here now.

New Album

Alicia was supposed to release her new album, simply titled ALICIA, this spring. Its original date in March was pushed to May, and now it doesn’t have any clear release date. However, it is still expected out in 2020.

So far, the upcoming album has launched the singles, “Underdog,” “Time Machine,” and “Show Me Love” featuring Miguel, “Good Job,” and now “Perfect Way To Die.” However, we’re unsure whether her 2019 song “Raise A Man” will appear on the tracklist.

Stay tuned for the album’s updated release date and full tracklist. See the partial tracklist below:

  1. __
  2. Time Machine
  3. __
  4. __
  5. Underdog
  6. __
  7. __
  8. Show Me Love (feat. Miguel)
  9. __
  10. __
  11. __
  12. __
  13. __
  14. Perfect Way To Die
  15. Good Job

More From Alicia

Alicia’s last album, Here, came out in November 2016. Now, three and a half years later, ALICIA is just around the corner, with five stunning songs to amp us up. The new album no longer has a confirmed release date, but it is due out later this year.

Five months ago, on Sunday, January 26th, Alicia Keys hosted the Grammys for the second year in a row. She is a natural, and we were glad to see her host again.

More Alicia Keys News

Alicia is also moving into the literary field. At the end of March, Alicia shared her first book, More Myself: A Journey. Co-written by Michelle Burford, it’s published by Flatiron Books and Oprah Winfrey’s new book imprint, An Oprah Book. More Myself: A Journey came out on Tuesday, March 31, 2020. You can order the book here.

Enjoy Alicia’s new single “Perfect Way To Die,” and get ready for the full album, ALICIA, due later this year. Stay tuned for more news on the album – like the full tracklist – and keep checking back here for all the latest Alicia Keys news. In the meantime, keep fighting for justice.

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