See Lyric Video for Ellie Goulding & Lauv’s Single, “Slow Grenade”

Earlier this week, Ellie Goulding dropped her latest single, “Slow Grenade” featuring Lauv. It’s our last preview before Ellie’s new album, Brightest Blue, comes out on July 17th. To make these last two weeks easier, fans can now enjoy a lyric video for “Slow Grenade.”

“Slow Grenade” opens with airy acoustic guitar creating a whimsical backdrop. But then Ellie starts the verse with “Help me, my god this got messy,” describing a relationship that’s slowly fallen apart. The chorus makes an instant impact, Ellie’s a cappella vocals – filtered through a vocoder – taking center stage. It then fills out with percussion and Lauv’s background vocals before Lauv takes over on the second verse. It’s a great song, and the music captures the imagery of the lyrics. While it sounds chill and sweet, it’s also like watching an explosion in slow motion. It will also make for a perfect summer soundtrack.

The new lyric video takes us into a magical forest at twilight. Flowers bloom and mushrooms grow from the moist dirt, all while small glowing sparkles twinkle through the air. Explosions affect the forest like blips on a video game screen, turning the sky purple and teal. At the bottom of the screen, the lyrics seem to narrate the events of the video. Somehow, this lyric video works wonderfully with the song.

Watch the lyric video for “Slow Grenade” below:

You can stream or download “Slow Grenade” from all the major music providers here. The song will also appear on Ellie’s upcoming album, Brightest Blue, out on July 17th. You can pre-order Brightest Blue now here and get instant downloads of all 6 released songs.

Tracklists & Song Info

Brightest Blue, will arrive on July 17th. It comes with two sides: Side A, titled Brightest Blue, will contain 13 songs, including her solo singles “Power” and “Flux.” Side B, called EG.0, will feature 5 songs, including her collaborations “Slow Grenade,” “Worry About Me,” “Close To Me,” and “Hate Me.”

The full album clocks in at 57 minutes. Check out both tracklistings below:

Brightest Blue Tracklist
  1. Start (feat. serpentwithfeet)
  2. Power
  3. How Deep Is Too Deep
  4. Cyan
  5. Love I’m Given
  6. New Heights
  7. Ode To Myself
  8. Woman
  9. Tides
  10. Wine Drunk
  11. Bleach
  12. Flux
  13. Brightest Blue
EG.0 Tracklist
  1. Overture
  2. Worry About Me (feat. blackbear)
  3. Slow Grenade (feat. Lauv)
  4. Close To Me (feat. Swae Lee & Diplo)
  5. Hate Me (feat. Juice WRLD)

From the 18 songs on Brightest Blue, we’ve heard six so far. We got “Close To Me” in late 2018, “Flux” and “Hate Me” in 2019, and now “Worry About Me,” “Power,” and “Slow Grenade” within the last few months.

We also know a bit about “Love I’m Given,” which Ellie wrote about her husband Casper. In an interview with The Guardian last year, Ellie explained that she had been “reflecting on how I finally felt I’d found this person that was loving me for the right reasons.”

However, Brightest Blue is also missing several songs Ellie has released in the last year and a half. Solo songs “Do You Remember,” “Sixteen,” “In This Together,” and “Hollow Crown” didn’t make the cut; nor did “Return To Love,” her collaboration with Andrea Bocelli. Ellie previously mentioned a song called “Electricity” (“about a friend who had been cheated on quite cruelly for a couple of years”) which is also noticeably absent.

More Ellie Goulding News

More About Ellie’s Upcoming Album

In an October 2018 interview, Ellie revealed that most of the songs she’d written for her next album were quite sad, written about things that had built up over the years. Luckily they were “not reflective” of how Ellie was feeling at the time. In contrast to previous records, Ellie’s new songs talk about “quite specific things that have happened in my life, and something specific that happened to a friend of mine.”

In an August 2019 interview with PaperMag, Ellie described her album as “very powerful” and a shift away from the sound of Delirium:

It’s written about my experiences over the past two years. It reflects on my career and this fucking mad chaos world we’re living in. It goes there, it goes really deep. I sing about becoming a woman and independence and finding a lot of love for myself, apart from – disconnected from – having a partner or needing someone…

Ellie stated that the new songs will sound most similar to “Flux.”

Two Weeks to Brightest Blue

Enjoy the new lyric video for “Slow Grenade,” and get ready to hear the rest of Brightest Blue in just a couple of weeks. The album drops on July 17th, but you can pre-order it now and get instant downloads of its 6 singles. Learn more about the upcoming album here, and be sure to enjoy the singles we already have while we wait for the full record. Keep checking back here for all the latest Ellie Goulding music news.

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