Hayley Williams Shares Final Three Lyric Videos

Three months ago, Hayley Williams released her powerful debut solo album, Petals For Armor. Following four music videos and 12 lyric videos – most recently for “Sugar On The Rim” – the show continues with three final lyric videos. “Pure Love,” “Taken,” and “Crystal Clear” all get lyric videos today.

“Pure Love” opens Part III of the album. It’s one of the highlights on Petals For Armor, a perfect pop anthem about opening up to love. The more low-key “Taken” builds on bass and lyrics about being in a good relationship. Finally, the album’s closing track, “Crystal Clear” is a hypnotic and freeing ode to new beginnings.

Hayley starts the “Pure Love” video with a typed note about her love of Paramore and her hopes for post-COVID touring. What follows is a heartfelt collection of clips taken from various live shows from Paramore’s After Laughter tour cycle. Thanks to all the fans who submitted their footage! The video also includes some behind-the-scenes looks at Hayley recording the song in 2019.

“Taken” offers up even more footage of Hayley in the recording studio, but also spends plenty of time on her adorable dog, Alf. We wouldn’t mind if this song was about him, actually. Pet love is legit.

In “Crystal Clear,” studio footage merges with highlights of some of the people closest to Hayley. In addition to her recording mates – including Paramore’s Taylor York and Zac Farro – we also see Hayley’s grandparents and her friend/photographer Lindsey Byrnes.

Watch the lyric videos for “Pure Love,” “Taken,” and “Crystal Clear” below:

“Pure Love,” “Taken,” and “Crystal Clear” all appear on Hayley’s new album, Petals For Armor, released in May. You can buy or stream the album from your favorite music providers here.

Petals For Armor includes all the previously released songs from the first two EPs. Petals For Armor I featured the songs “Simmer,” “Leave It Alone, “Cinnamon,” “Creepin,’” and “Sudden Desire.” Meanwhile, Petals For Armor II featured Hayley’s next five releases: “Roses/Lotus/Violet/Iris,” “Over Yet,” “My Friend,” “Why We Ever,” and “Dead Horse.” The album also comes with Part III, featuring the final five songs of the record. In addition to the three songs that just today got lyric videos, it also includes “Watch Me While I Bloom” and “Sugar On The Rim.”

More Paramore & Hayley Williams News

Touring & Paramore’s Future

Hayley had previously announced an intimate solo tour across North America and Europe, which was supposed to begin right about now. Unfortunately, just like everything else, the tour has been derailed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Though it was expected to be rescheduled to 2021, it has now all been canceled. Hopefully once this pandemic is over, Hayley will be able to schedule a new tour.

Paramore fans also don’t need to worry: Hayley has also confirmed that Paramore is not over. They will make music together again, though it probably won’t sound like her forthcoming solo material. In any case, Hayley indicated that this solo album is an important step that will only help the band grow.

Petals For Armor

Hayley’s debut solo album, Petals For Armor, just came out on May 8th. Catch up on all that went into making here, and be sure to read our review here!

Enjoy the new lyric videos for “Pure Love,” “Taken,” and “Crystal Clear,” and enjoy the new album, Petals For Armor, out now! Keep checking back here for all the latest Hayley Williams music news.

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