Evanescence Preview New Song in Campaign with HeadCount

2020 is a pivotal year. We’re living through a pandemic, the US has an immensely important election coming up, and Evanescence is finally releasing new music. The band’s new album, The Bitter Truth, is due out later this year, and they’ve already released two songs from it: “Wasted On You” and “The Game Is Over.” Now Evanescence is teasing a new song, “Use My Voice,” as part of a campaign with HeadCount encouraging people to vote. The song will be out next week on August 14th. If US fans register to by September 30th, they’ll get access to Evanescence’s free, private online performance in October.

As Evanescence stated about HeadCount:

COVID has made everything more challenging this year, including voting safely, but we can’t let anything stop us from using our voices. So we’re teaming up with @headcountorg, a non-profit, non-partisan organization, to help make it easy to register to vote, check your existing registration to make sure it’s valid, and to get the latest information on how to vote safely where you live, including voting from home. Go to www.UseMyVoice.org (link in bio) to get yourself vote-ready between now and September 30 and to get access to our free, private online performance in October. (Since this pertains to the upcoming US election this is strictly for our American fans. We love ALL our friends around the world and thank you for supporting a safe election process here in America).

Check out the PSA we launched today with HeadCount. It features a sneak peek of our new song, “Use My Voice” coming out August 14.

Whether you’re a Democrat, Republican or neither, your voice is part of what makes us who we are, and what makes this a free country. Don’t miss your chance to USE YOUR VOICE.

You can learn more, register to vote, and make a plan to USE YOUR VOICE here.

The clip of “Use My Voice” in the PSA video below sounds anthemic and impactful. Over big drums and heavy guitars, we can hear stadium sing-along chants before Amy simply croons, “I will use my voice.”

Watch the HeadCount PSA featuring a preview of “Use My Voice” below:

The Bitter Truth

While we wait for a full version of “Use My Voice,” be sure to check out Evanescence’s two recent singles. You can stream or download “The Game Is Over” from your favorite music provider here. Be sure to also listen to “Wasted On You” wherever you get your music. All three songs will appear on Evanescence’s upcoming album The Bitter Truth, expected later in 2020.

So far these are the only songs confirmed for The Bitter Truth. However, another new song called “Yeah Right” recently appeared on ASCAP and BMI, and may appear on the album. “Heavy Changes” is another rumored song title floating around, though we haven’t seen it registered yet.

Additionally, in a recent interview with Nylon, Amy Lee revealed that one of the songs Evanescence recorded this year was originally meant to appear on their 2011 album. She stated:

One of the songs we’ve recorded so far is from 10 years ago, from the first time we went in to record our third album. Completely reformed into a special new thing.

We’re not sure which song that is, but we’re excited to find out! Maybe “Perfect Dream” or “You’ve Got A Lot To Learn”?

Recent Music from Evanescence & Amy Lee

After releasing Evanescence in 2011, frontwoman Amy Lee went down her own musical path. In 2014, Amy shared her soundtrack album, Aftermath. Two years later, inspired by her young son, Amy released a children’s album, Dream Too Much. Amy also released a 4-song EP of covers featuring songs by Portishead, U2, Led Zeppelin, and Chris Isaak.

In 2017, Amy shared translated cover of “Love Exists,” a reworking of “L’amore esiste” by the Italian singer Francesca Michielin. Also that spring, Amy released her original solo song, “Speak To Me,” for the film Voice From The Stone. More recently, Amy collaborated with violinist Lindsey Stirling’s on the song “Love Goes On And On,” released last September. Three months ago, Amy’s song with Body Count, called “When I’m Gone,” was released. Just last week, Amy’s newly recording duet of “Break In” with Halestorm came out; Halestorm’s new EP drops on August 14th.

Apart from Amy’s solo work and duets, Evanescence has also been active in the last few years. In early 2017, Evanescence released a boxset of their three studio albums and b-sides, and later that year we got their electronic-meets-symphonic album, Synthesis. After plenty of touring, they put out Synthesis Live in fall 2018. Last November, Evanescence shared their cover of Fleetwood Mac’s “The Chain,” releasing its music video in January.

More Evanescence & Amy Lee News

The Return of Evanescence

Evanescence has been actively working on their long-awaited 4th studio album in the past year. They started writing and demoing in spring 2019, and officially began recording earlier this year. They expressed plans to work with several producers. This year, they began with producer Nick Raskulinecz – the same man who produced their last album, Evanescence, in 2011, and mixed “The Chain” last fall. Although they were going to just do two new songs with Nick, they ended up doing four with him.

The band also has a major tour coming up with the band Within Temptation. Their World Collide tour will take the two bands across Europe sometime in 2021. It was supposed to happen in April, and then this September, but like all other tours and events, it was delayed due to Coronavius.

Enjoy the new clip of “Use My Voice,” and get ready to hear it in full on August 14th. Also be sure to register to vote via HeadCount – this is an important election year! In the coming months, Evanescence will release their next album, The Bitter Truth – keep track of all we know about the album here. Soon enough we’ll learn the full tracklisting and release date for the album. As always, keep checking back here for all the latest Evanescence music news.

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