Vanessa Carlton Sends Political Message in “Die, Dinosaur” Music Video

Last March, Vanessa Carlton released her ethereal album, Love Is An Art. Along with singles like “Future Pain,” “The Only Way To Love,” and “Miner’s Canary,” a highlight on the album is a political track called “Die, Dinosaur.” Today, this timely song gets an equally timely music video.

“Die, Dinosaur” is directed at “Trump and his brood” and is “dedicated to the Parkland Students and Ronan Farrow.” Indeed, during an interview with Blueberry Hill a year ago, Vanessa explained that “Die, Dinosaur” was written after the shootings in Parkland, Florida and is about “the children who fill the world with love and grace while politicians fill their pockets.” The song starts with Vanessa singing over a shrieking synth and a winding keyboard. Those keys and a marching drumbeat form the backdrop for the verses, while Vanessa’s vocals echo over the top. The chorus takes us to a time long ago, mixing in earthy tones and a whistling synth melody. We get a deliciously haunting bridge before a final chorus, the song ending with an ominous exclamation of “Die!”

In a new statement, Vanessa described the song further:

This song is about young people patiently awaiting the death of the dinosaurs in power. It’s about seeing the “way of the world” as fundamentally wrong, oppressive and therefore, completely irrelevant. Young people will not participate in the societal contracts that they clearly see as wrong. The song was inspired by young leaders who are unafraid to challenge the archaic, tone deaf, sexist, and white supremacist ideology in power. This song is for the brave voices who prophesize the inevitable crumbling, falling of the white man who cannot listen, cannot change. He is the “man in the weather changing.”

The new music video for “Die, Dinosaur” feels completely relevant this year, and especially with the fast-approaching US presidential election. Most of the video comprises footage of various protests and marches that have taken place over the years, whether protesting Vietnam decades ago or police brutality in 2020. By the end, though, Vanessa’s political opinions are impossible to miss. Eyes blacked out with blank rectangles, we see clips of various men in power – from Mitch McConnell to Donald Trump – before the video urges us to vote on November 3rd. It’s a powerful music video.

Watch the music video for “Die, Dinosaur” below:

“Die, Dinosaur” appears on Vanessa’s recent album, Love Is An Art. You can stream or buy the album from all the major music providers here.

Love Is An Art

Love Is An Art came out last March. It includes her singles “Future Pain,” “The Only Way To Love,” and “Miner’s Canary,” plus studio versions of songs she’d previously performed live: “Love Is An Art,” “I Know You Don’t Mean It,” and “Salesman.” The album also includes a song called “Patience,” which Vanessa had first previewed back in 2012.

Listen to the full album, and be sure to read our track-by-track review of it here.

More Vanessa Carlton News

Enjoy the new “Die, Dinosaur” music video, and be sure to listen to all of Love Is An Art. And if you’re a US citizen, make sure you vote! As always, keep checking back here for all the latest Vanessa Carlton music news.

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