The All-American Rejects Drop New Single “Me Vs. The World”

Last month, The All-American Rejects promised fans a new single was coming, and today it’s finally here! Their first release since July 2019, the band just shared their standalone single, “Me Vs. The World.” While it’s a fun song, it also supports a serious cause. All proceeds from this single “will be donated to MusiCares to help those in the music industry who have been out of work since March.”

Although the single feels pretty relevant this year, frontman Tyson Ritter and guitarist Nick Wheeler actually wrote it a few years ago. Along with the rest of the band, they finished the track this year from their respective homes.

“Me Vs. The World” is an over-the-top, cheeky song, much in the vein of “Gives You Hell.” It builds on jangling piano, over which Tyson Ritter sings hilariously with exaggerated affectation. It grows bombastic on the chorus, Tyson taunting us with how great he and his life are compared to ours. “Me Vs. The World” is a showy and fun song that fans will find irresistible.

Listen to “Me Vs. The World” below:

You can stream or download “Me Vs. The World” from all the major music providers here.

The Latest from The All-American Rejects

In a new interview with Alternative Press, Nick Wheeler spoke about how “Me Vs. The World” came together:

It was written quarantine-style a few years ago when [singer] Tyson [Ritter] and I were doing our part separately. And our keyboard player Scott Chesak co-wrote it as well and produced the track. We never got around to finishing it, and then lockdown hit, and we were all looking at free time on our schedule. So we decided to finally finish it and turn it into something. It ended up being a cool thing, not just for us to do, but to be able to put out there since we weren’t able to do literally anything for fans this year.

When we talked about putting something out, I was like, “We should do something for all the people who are out of work, not just ourselves, but our crew, every crew in the industry.” [This is] the one industry that, for some reason, is not allowed to come back. They figured out how to do sports. There’s some live music. But not every genre can get away with putting on a show at a drive-in theater, outside in a park or at a winery. Not every genre really fits those venues.

However, don’t get your hopes up about more Rejects music: The band hasn’t prepared anything else lately. As Nick explained:

As far as Rejects stuff, this is the only thing we’ve worked on. We’ve used tools like this in the past to send ideas back and forth. But this is the first time we actually proved to ourselves that we could execute it. So maybe in the future when we’re all in different cities—and now Tyson‘s in a different country—this is definitely going to be useful now that we know we can actually see something through the fruition. 

You can read Nick’s full interview with Alternative Press here.

More All-American Rejects Music

In summer 2019, The All-American Rejects released an EP including three songs: “Send Her To Heaven,” “Gen Why? (DGAF),” and “Demons.” Two years before that, the band released their “Sweat”/”Close Your Eyes” double single.

In February 2018, The All-American Rejects parted ways with their label, Interscope. Following the split, frontman Tyson Ritter started sharing updates about his own solo music. He has since shared two songs under the moniker Sharpton Mann: “Pine Box” and “Broken Glass Slippers,” both released this year.

More The All-American Rejects News

Enjoy “Me Vs. The World,” and be sure to revisit more from The All-American Rejects and Sharpton Mann. Keep checking back here for all the latest music news.

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