Natasha Bedingfield Sings Unreleased Song, “The United States Of Us”

This morning, Natasha Bedingfield surprised fans with an unexpected new song! Though it hasn’t been released yet, Natasha shared a video of her singing a new song called “The United States Of Us,” which she wrote with Jonas Myrin. Fans may recall that he wrote Natasha’s latest song, “Together In This,” released last June for the film, Jungle Beat. It sounds like “The United States Of Us” may get an official release soon, though it’s unclear when exactly that will be.

Natasha shared a note about the song along with her video:

There are some dreams and beliefs we need to keep believing in no matter how flawed and impossible things can be. I feel inspired by today; like a little bit of hope has been allowed back in . Dr Martin Luther Jr’s Dream, the American dream, the existence of a loving God and even just the importance of kindness, the idea and ideals of romantic Love, the power of prayer; I don’t want to lose hope in these things. I wrote this beautiful song with Jonas Myrin and even though it’s not yet released I just felt I had to share it with you because of today. Because at a time where we have all had to be apart I hope we can come together

In the new song, Natasha is accompanied only by acoustic guitar, performed by Rod Castro. It’s a gentle song that’s serious yet hopeful. At first, Natasha restrains her voice, giving it a breathy, dreamy timbre. But as the song develops, her voice grows more powerful. She sings about wanting an undivided community built around love. Based on the title and lyrics, this song sounds like it touches on political themes. Natasha has been more vocal about social issues in recent songs like “Hey Papa” and “No Man I See.”

Watch Natasha’s intimate performance of “The United States Of Us” below:

Natasha didn’t indicate when “The United States Of Us” will be available to stream or buy, or if it will be part of a larger project. Regardless, we’re excited about what she may release in the coming months;

Natasha’s Latest Music

In August 2019, Natasha Bedingfield released Roll With Me, her first album in nine years. It launched the singles “Roller Skate,” “Kick It,” and “Everybody Come Together,” as well as a North American tour that fall. Following such a long gap between albums, Roll With Me was a welcome return, and one of our favorite albums of 2019.

Last June, Natasha shared a song called “Together In This,” which was part of the children’s movie, Jungle Beat. That song was written by Jonas Myrin, the same man who co-wrote “The United States Of Us.”

More Natasha Bedingfield News

Enjoy Natasha’s new performance of “The United States Of Us,” and look out for an official release of the song. With any luck, Natasha may release new music this year! Keep checking back here for all the latest Natasha Bedingfield music news.

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