Smith & Burrows Admit “I Want You Back In My Life” in New Single

We’re only a few weeks away from hearing the new Smith & Burrows album, Only Smith & Burrows Is Good Enough.  Following their singles “All The Best Moves,” “Old TV Shows,” and “Parliament Hill,” the duo are now letting fans hear a fourth song: “I Want You Back In My Life.” It’s an excellent song, and it may be the last one we get before the full album drops on February 19th.

Against a vibrant backdrop of acoustic guitar, piano, and handclaps, Tom Smith paints a scene of him taking a long walk in the snow one unusually cold April day. He offers a hilarious but philosophical line, singing, “I don’t feel no love anymore, but then I can’t feel my toes, so what the hell do I know?” The chorus jumps out with even more energy, Tom wanting less time to himself and more time with the loved one he’s missing. Andy Burrows sings harmony, then violin at the end of the chorus further sweetens the sound. The post-chorus is a perfect singalong of wanting to love somebody, anybody. Along with “All The Best Moves,” this is the most instant song we’ve heard yet.

Listen to “I Want You Back In My Life” below:

You can stream or download “I Want You Back In My Life” from all the major music providers here. It will also appear on the new Smith & Burrows album, Only Smith & Burrows Is Good Enough, due out on February 19, 2021. You can pre-order or pre-save the album here.

The album will feature 10 songs:

  1. All The Best Moves
  2. Buccaneer Rum Jum
  3. Spaghetti
  4. Old TV Shows
  5. Parliament Hill
  6. Bottle Tops
  7. I Want You Back In My Life
  8. Aimee Move On
  9. Too Late
  10. Straight Up Like A Mohican

More About Only Smith & Burrows Is Good Enough

Last June, Andy implied that both “Buccaneer Rum Jum” and “Bottle Tops” are songs on which he leads. He described them as jubilant, comparing them to Harry Nilsson’s novelty hit, “Coconut.”

Meanwhile, Tom shared lyrics for an unidentified song in 2019; we still have no idea which one it is, but the partial lyrics go something like this:

Can’t stand the was(…)
Goes dither, dither, dither
Little mind
Fee fi fo the fun
Gun I got a hun(…)
At just won’t d(…)

In an interview last June, Tom and Andy described the new album as breezy and lighter than typical Editors fare. As they joke, it turns out Tom isn’t just gloomy and dark all the time! This new album is testament to another side of him, a side that’s a bit more similar to Andy.

The long-awaited second Smith & Burrows record is due in just a few weeks on February 19th. Catch up on all we know about it here.

While we wait, go back and give a listen to Funny Looking Angels. The holiday season may have passed already, but some of us can still enjoy the festive and wintery songs. In addition to six covers, the album includes four original songs: “When The Thames Froze,” “As The Snowflakes Fall,” “Rosslyn,” and “This Ain’t New Jersey.”

The Latest from Tom Smith and Editors

Editors shared their first greatest hits album, Black Gold: Best Of Editors, in October 2019. Along with 13 beloved songs, it also features three new singles: “Frankenstein,” “Black Gold,” and “Upside Down.” You can stream or purchase it from all the major music providers here. Be sure to check out the deluxe edition, which features a bonus disc of 8 new acoustic recordings of beloved album tracks. Additionally, every order of Black Gold: Best Of Editors on vinyl or CD from Editors’ official site comes with a bonus 8-track The Snowfield Demos CD. The Snowfield Demos is an extremely rare recording from 2003, before Editors were even called Editors. (Indeed, they went by Snowfield when they made that EP.)

Last March, frontman Tom Smith shared a picture of him with Blanck Mass, cheekily writing just “scheming.” He shared another picture of them scheming — along with Justin and Elliott — last month. We’re still not sure what they’ve got up their sleeves… but we’re ready for it. Maybe a new song, or better yet, a full album? We shall see!

Between April and June 2020, Editors digitally shared all four volumes of You Are Fading, the rarities compilations first included in their 2011 Unedited box set. The compilations include bonus tracks, b-sides, and other rarities from Editors’ first three album eras.

More Editors & Tom Smith News

The Latest from Andy Burrows

In early 2019, Andy released Reasons To Stay Alive, a collaboration album with author Matt Haig. Andy composed the music, while Matt wrote the lyrics. The album’s title track got its name from Matt Haig’s 2015 memoir of the same name, which deals with depression and anxiety. In addition to “Reasons To Stay Alive,” the album also launched the singles “Handle With Care,” “Barcelona,” and “A Different Game.”

“I Want You Back In My Life”

Enjoy “I Want You Back In My Life,” and get ready for the full album, Only Smith & Burrows Is Good Enough, on February 19, 2021. We’re less than a month away! Catch up on all we know about it here, and stay tuned for more goodness before its fast-approaching release date. Keep checking back here for all the latest Smith & Burrows news.

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