Tove Lo Joins Martin Garrix on Clubby and Dark “Pressure”

Today, Dutch producer Martin Garrix and Swedish pop star Tove Lo shared their new collaboration, “Pressure.” The song is a perfect blend of their respective styles, a tad dark but ready for late-night dancing, too. The single also comes with a well-matched music video.

“Pressure” is a short song, clocking in at only 2:24, but it captures a whole mood. Over low, murky synths, Tove sings that she’ll pretend to be good. The chorus comes in with a pulsing beat perfect for a club. A couple of times, the low rumble fades away, leaving only Tove’s vocals, but then it returns and the song feels stable once more. “Pressure” has a feral yet urban vibe and it gets better with each listen.

The accompanying music video captures the mood well, while also expanding on it. First a woman takes some 24-hour energy pills, but placing them on her face results in glowing red eyes. After riding a motorcycle through a nighttime city, she ends up in a sterile lab, stalking the halls to seek revenge on an evil scientist. The video starts off feeling like a noir film, but eventually turns into a vengeful action sequence. The ending cuts off just too soon, like the song itself.

Watch the noir-film music video for “Pressure” below:

You can stream or download “Pressure” from all the major music providers here.

More From Tove Lo

Tove Lo’s 2019 album Sunshine Kitty launched the singles “Glad He’s Gone,” the Alma-assisted “Bad As The Boys,” “Jacques” with Jax Jones“Really Don’t Like U” featuring Kylie Minogue“Sweettalk My Heart,” “Are U Gonna Tell Her?” with MC Zaac“Equally Lost” featuring Doja Cat, and, most recently, “Mateo.”

Tove shared her new single “Bikini Porn” one year ago, including “Passion And Pain Taste The Same When I’m Weak” as its b-side. Then Tove shared her cover of “I’m Coming,” originally recorded in Swedish. Finally, she dropped her heartbreak-inspired “Sadder Badder Cooler” in May 2020. Those four songs are now part of the Paw Prints Edition of Sunshine Kitty, also released last May.

At the end of August last year, Tove shared her children’s song “Buzz Buzz Hop Hop” for the album, At Home with The Kids. 100% of its proceeds go to the charity organization, Save the Children. Then in September, Tove was featured on the song “Don’t Say Goodbye” by ALOK and Ilkay Sencan.

Beyond music, Tove Lo is now also tiptoeing into acting. Last August, it was announced that she’ll make her acting debut in the upcoming film, The Emigrants. Based on the classic novel series by Vilhelm Moberg, this is an updated film adaptation, following the acclaimed 1971 version. Filming already took place; Tove plays the character Ulrika. The film is expected to come out on December 25, 2021.

Tove has also had updates in her personal life: Last July, she got married! She married her boyfriend of three years, Charlie Twaddle. Fans were surprised – we never heard about any engagement – but we’re happy for her!

More Tove Lo News

More From Martin Garrix

Martin Garrix hasn’t released a body of original, non-remixed material since 2018. However, he’s had numerous standalone singles in the past two years. One of his biggest was in spring 2019, when he teamed up with Fall Out Boy frontman Patrick Stump and rapper Macklemore for the hot single, “Summer Days.” Other singles include “Used To Love” with Dean Lewis, “Drown” with Clinton Kane, and “Higher Ground” with John Martin.

Enjoy Martin Garrix Tove Lo’s “Pressure,” as well as its movie-like music video. Keep checking back here for all the latest Tove Lo music news.

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